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Benjamin Dennehy - How to Run a Sales Meeting Bootcamp Recorded Course 2023

Benjamin Dennehy – How to Run a Sales Meeting Bootcamp Recorded Course 2023

Step into the world of sales mastery with Benjamin, the UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer, in his exclusive How to Run a Sales Meeting Bootcamp. In this intensive 9-hour program, participants will unravel the intricacies of the sales matrix, discovering why a structured approach is crucial, and how to close deals before they even begin. The course encompasses the art of making prospects comfortable, understanding communication patterns, parental scripting, and manipulation skills.

The heart of the Bootcamp lies in the revelation of three critical outcomes in any sales meeting: a yes to moving forward, a disqualified prospect, or a successful sale. Benjamin’s approach isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and applicable to real-world scenarios. The program provides a comprehensive toolkit, covering everything from emotional grinders and questioning strategies to reverse psychology and questions. Participants gain insights into defining and setting up their next move, selling proposals and quotes, and challenging the future.

Delivered on an online platform, the Bootcamp allows flexibility, enabling participants to watch and rewatch the material as often as needed within a generous 45-day window. The comprehensive package includes login details, ensuring accessibility across various devices.

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, Benjamin offers a bundle comprising all three Bootcamps, providing over 16 hours of material with full PowerPoint presentations. The value extends beyond the theoretical as Benjamin shares his antipodean charm and brutal frankness, transforming participants’ understanding and approach to sales.

The testimonials from previous Bootcampers underscore the transformative impact of Benjamin’s training. Oliver Baker, a Group Director and Recruiter, attests to the unique psychology-based approach, emphasizing its worth in both time and money. Corbin Lightfoot, a Senior Corporate Trader, draws parallels between the Bootcamp experience and breaking free from the Matrix, highlighting its relevance to effective communication and rapport-building.

Martin, a Master Data Management professional, hails the excess value provided by the Bootcamps, urging professionals to invest in themselves for a kickstart or a reassessment of their sales proficiency. Benjamin’s live-action sales calls, a rare feature among sales trainers, make the prospecting Bootcamp especially valuable for those aiming to understand the intricacies behind successful sales strategies.

Benjamin’s training is not a quick fix; it’s a commitment to professional growth. There’s no shortcut to becoming a proficient salesperson, and the Bootcamp emphasizes that mastering the three critical steps—consistently getting the right outcome in any sales meeting—requires practice, dedication, and a willingness to learn. It’s a transformative journey, and for those ready to embrace it, Benjamin’s Bootcamp stands as a beacon to enhance sales skills, communication, and overall professional effectiveness.

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