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Gain the Edge – Masters of Influence
  • Gain the Edge – Masters of Influence

Gain the Edge – Masters of Influence

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Gain the Edge – Masters of Influence

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Get personal, one-on-one help to increase your sales, conversion, appointment setting and prospecting.

Your conversations will be honest, powerful and successful. You will discover the pieces you need to increase your sales, and thus your income, exponentially.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…you know you have an amazing product or service to offer. You are solid in your mission to get it out into the world. You know who you are meant to serve, and know you have found your place in the world.

It seems as if everything is as it should be.

Yet you still aren’t making what you can be. What you should be. What you deserve.

If you have been living in the world of not quite there in terms of your sales, you are not alone!

We get it. We understand.

And we can help.

Through our Masters of Influence Program we will help you overcome your obstacles, increase your conversions, and improve your enrollments with ease. This is a six-month program that offers group coaching, one-on-one feedback and multiple opportunities to identify your power and genius, and discover how using that will change your experience immediately!

3 Payment Options for joining the
Masters of Influence Training Program:
Full Pay for $1997.00
3 Payments of $699.00
6 Payments of $385.00

Not certain if The Masters of Influence Program is a good fit for you? Connect with one of our Sales Strategist to talk through the program and ensure it is your best next step.
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Every week we create a space for you to bring your brilliance to the group, address your challenges and struggles, and get all of your questions answered by our awesome enrollment rock stars, setting you up for weekly success.


This six-month program will offer you help in your inner
and outer game, so you always show up ready to
be there for your prospect and client.

During this program you will:

You will create more Impact, Influence, and Income

Within the 6 months you will create a sales system to double your sales results

You will receive performance mindset training that will give you the empowerment to stand in your strength and become the leader you would follow effortlessly and willingly

You will receive our Influence Map – the ultimate road map and foundation for your sales & marketing process

You will receive our Money Mirror to help you develop the skillset to make any offer, any time to anyone and feel good about it

You will learn Objection Mastery – you will learn step by step how to lead people to make the right decision with ease

You will discover your personal difference and begin infusing it into your salesconversations

Masters of Influence

6 Month Training Program Includes:
1. Training modules (audio recordings + worksheets)

Module 1: Influence Map
Module 1.5: Influence Map Continued
Module 2: Rapport & Credibility
Module 3: Probing Questions
Module 4: Story PowerModule 4.5: Money Mirror
Module 5: Making The Offer (The Five Rs)
Module 6: Positioning

2. BONUS content (audio recordings + worksheets)

Bonus 1: Why I will succeed
Bonus 2: Our 3 keys formula
Bonus 3: Your most confident self
Bonus 4: Re-commitment
Bonus 5: Moving through hesitations

3. Monthly Call Audit -submit 1 sales call a month for a play by play adjustment
4. Weekly Training Call + the recording of each call

5. Access to our private MOI Facebook Group (support, questions, answers, bonus training, feedback, etc.)

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