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Ezeetrader – The Finer points Course 2012
  • Ezeetrader – The Finer points Course 2012

Ezeetrader – The Finer points Course 2012


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Ezeetrader – The Finer points Course 2012

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Sale Page : ezeetrader

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This is a huge amount of material for all types of traders to enjoy. They will go into the finer detail of each section to ensure you know exactly what they are looking for and how to apply it yourself. Having the strategies is absolutely necessary but it’s the smallest detail in the application of them that makes the difference. Here, they will demonstrate over and over exactly how to use not only the strategies, but the correct trade management in order to achieve these goals. Kym & Charlie will pick apart the setups from the strategies listed above. They will go into the intricate details of how to trade each setup including how to correctly trade manage each variance of the setups. It is this picking apart of the tiniest detail which makes a huge impact on trading results. They demonstrate how to know when not to trade which is just as important as knowing when to trade. Charlie will demonstrate his favourite setup he’s been using all year for the first time – clue; this is how he has consistently made profits on those Friday morning video updates! Remember, this is your chance to start building a consistently profitable approach to the markets by investing in full immersion. This one day course will have backup material included on CD-ROM but we feel it’s important to see you and cover the material live.

This is what you can expect:

– How to use a prop trading formula to compound your gains.
– Some brand new swing setups for the S&P 500.
– A brand new style of trading for swing and intra-day – this is the first time we’ve ever covered this!
– An intra-day swing strategy – you can set these up and leave them to play out.
– A strategy of getting more bang for your buck on low volatility markets with no extra risk!
– Plus Charlie’s showing his specific strategy that he’s been trading all year.

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