Eben Pagan – Print Persuasion Masterclass

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Eben Pagan – Print Persuasion Masterclass


Inside my new Print Persuasion Masterclass, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from these 4 master copywriters about everything to do with copywriting, sales, and persuasion…

You’ll finally be able to discover exactly how the best copywriters and marketers in the world go about tackling new projects and promotions…

You’ll get to see their exact thought processes, their approaches, their secret formulas and templates with unprecedented honesty and detail…

If you’re ready to take your copywriting and business to the next level, then you’ll want to tune in for this special masterclass.

The Print Persuasion program is broken up into 6 audio training sessions. 4 sessions are up front interviews and lessons from the 4 masters we talked about above. 2 sessions are taught by myself.

The program is 100% digital, so you’ll get instant access to the entire program via online streaming. You’ll also have the option to download the program to your computer for easy offline access.