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Eric Cheung - Equities Markets Certification - Bundle2Eric Cheung – Equities Markets Certification – Bundle

6 Courses
7h 48m
15,229 Students

This self-paced EMC certification program prepares trainees with the skills they need to succeed as an Equities Markets Trader on either the Buy Side or Sell Side.


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    Recommended pace 2-3 hours/week


    The same rigorous training program used by salespeople and traders at top global investment banks

  • Cash Equities
  • ETFs
  • Delta One
  • Futures
  • Equity Swaps


Position 1st Year Salary + Bonus * Delta One Trader $135-160,000 ETF Trader $135-160,000 Buy Side Trader $105-130,000 Hedge Fund Trader $150-175,000 Cash Equities Sales Trader $100-125,000 Cash Equities Sales Researcher $100-125,000 Securities Lending Analyst $90-115,000 Prime Brokerage Analyst $105-130,000* glassdoor.com estimates.


The average starting salary + bonus for Equity Sales & Trading Analysts. See our Sales & Training Salary Guide for more details of the career and pay progression. Data on starting salaries is taken from glassdoor.com U.S. estimates.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master the technical skills and concepts that Equities traders are expected to know on the trading floor
  • Learn how to chart, graph and analyze stocks, indices and futures on Bloomberg
  • Speak and understand the trader jargon
  • Analyze company financials using the Bloomberg Excel-Add In
  • Demystify the Buy-Side business model and learn how Asset Managers and Hedge Funds are paid and their economic drivers and priorities
  • Learn how ETF Traders profit from arbitrage opportunities
  • Compare funded investment options (Mutual Funds, ETFs) with Unfunded investment Options (Futures and Equity Swaps)
  • Discover how derivatives are traded, margined, and hedged
  • Understand how to “short a stock” and the Securities Lending process
  • Demystify Hedge Fund Trading strategies

The EMC© is the same program used to train new hires at Wall Street’s largest investment banks.

WSP trains investment professionals and traders at the world’s largest sell-side investment banks and buy-side asset managers.

Our employees are telling us this is the best virtual learning experience they have ever had.

— Associate Director, Learning & Development
Global Investment Bank

This program includes the following 6 courses

11 Lessons
1h 4m

Cash Equities

Cash Equities are the fundamental building blocks of the Equity Markets. We begin with an overview of the Equities trading floor and mapping out the different roles and responsibilities. We then take a look at exchange trading, and discuss the different order types, trading conventions and the opening and closing auctions. Next we dive into the spe …
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17 Lessons
1h 29m

Equity Valuation

Designed for Salespeople and Traders, this course provides an overview of equity valuation including the P/E ratio and EV/EBTIDA. We begin with an overview of valuation metrics and drivers of the income statement. We the discuss EPS and how we arrive at consensus EPS. After discussing the concepts, we see how salespeople, traders and investors use …
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23 Lessons
1h 54m

Equity Indices, Asset Managers and ETFs

Equity Indices such as the S&P500 drive market sentiment. We begin by discussing the major equity indices and then dive into the detail of how they are constructed and calculated. Next, we explore Asset Managers and explore how they invest funds for both institutional and retail investors. We discuss different strategies, including active versu …
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12 Lessons
1h 5m

Equity Futures and Delta One

Most traders start their day by looking at Equity Futures. This course builds on the Equity Indices, Asset Managers and ETFs course which looked at funded investments. The Equity Futures and Delta One course focuses on derivatives and achieving the same exposure using unfunded investments. We begin with an overview of futures and discuss details of …
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12 Lessons
1h 6m

Hedge Fund Strategies

This course demystifies Hedge Fund Strategies and how Hedge Fund Investors evaluate Hedge Funds. We begin by discussion traditional equity hedge funds and then discussing the strategies of growing quantitative hedge funds. Next, we discuss Macro, Relative Value and Credit Hedge funds, with many of these hedge funds using leverage to magnify returns …
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14 Lessons
1h 10m

Securities Lending and Prime Brokerage

How do you short a stock? In this course, we discuss the process to short a stock and walk through an example of how a hedge fund would borrow shares an asset manager through a securities lender. We discuss the fee model and economics of borrowing shares through a securities lender. Next, we analyze short interest metrics on Bloomberg including how …
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Get the Equities Markets Certification

Trainees are eligible to take the WSP Equities Markets Certification Exam for 24 months from the date of enrollment. Those who complete the exam and score above 70% will receive a the certification. The exam is a challenging online assessment that covers the most difficult concepts taught in the program.

Course Samples

Overview of the Equity Markets
Consensus EPS
Introduction to Equity Indices
ETF Introduction
Futures on Bloomberg
Hedge Fund Strategy Demand, Hedge Fund Economics
Hedge Fund Leverage
How Investors Express a Negative View
Lenders of Securities, Fee Income for Lenders
Eric Cheung

Eric is the lead instructor for Wall Street Prep’s Capital Markets and Sales & Trading programs. Eric’s financial markets career began after he was a finalist for J.P. Morgan’s Fantasy Futures trading competition. Eric worked at J.P. Morgan for 10 years across DCM, Syndicate and Sales & Trading Roles, including in the Cross Asset Sales & Structuring group with trade execution experience across all asset classes. Eric is an expert in International Markets and Cross-Border transactions with global work experience in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Equities Markets Certification (EMC©)
6 Courses • 7h 48m
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