Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

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Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

Here’s What You Get:

  • An opportunity to build connection & close multiple clients in 1 sitting
  • The easiest way to stand out against competitors (The Maverick)
  • high leverage methodology to enroll clients without sales calls
  • The strategy to get paid for your content (You can charge per ticket to your mini-workshops & still land clients after)
  • Virtual without expensive overhead expenses of a conference
  • Dynamic, original, & fun
  • Profitable & repeatable
  • 12 16 Week Systematic Program:

    Including step by step video trainings with easy to follow action steps to help you launch a successful mini-workshop following our 1.4m formula.

  • Module 1: The Approach & Offer 

    (How to create a $500+ core offer & the best workshop strategy to enroll clients based on your target audience & niche even if you’re a beginner.)

  • Module 2: The Design & Topic –

    (How to choose a winning topic every time & generate your first leads for your mini-workshop.)

  • Module 3: The Build – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert Roadmaps –

    (3 different workshop options from low tech to advanced options… & yes we have clients doing 5-10k+ per workshop from the low tech setup.)

  • Module 4: The Marketing & Lead Getting –

    The post swipe files, examples, frameworks, & cheatsheet to invite guests to your workshop without any guesswork.

  • Module 5: Prep for Delivery –

    Fill in the blank presentation slides & examples. Plus, how to maximize conversions from your workshop even if you’ve never presented before.

  • Module 6: Maximize Sales Post Workshop –

    What to do after your mini-workshop to create the most revenue & leverage from your training so that it always helps you generate new sales & clients.

Bonus #1: Get 10 Organic Marketing Post Examples+ Frameworks to Market Your Mini-Workshop ($497 value, Free)

Get 10 of Dino’s live marketing posts + easy to fill in frameworks to market your mini-workshop on repeat in a matter of minutes.

Bonus #2 : Get 3 Mini-Workshop funnel layouts ($997 value, Free)

Get 3 unique & proven-to-convert mini-workshop funnel layouts in a Google doc that you can easily customize for your own training on any platform. You can even use a Google doc for your registration page if you follow this guide.

Bonus 3 : Get Mini-Workshop Launch Checklist($297 value, Free)

The easiest & most helpful launch checklist to ensure you quickly & easily can market, host, & land clients from your workshop without forgetting anything.

Bonus #4 : Get 4 hands on workshops led by Dino (clients only) $1997 value

Every other week for 8 weeks, Dino will lead a special encore workshop for members of the program. During these workshops Dino will answer any specific questions you have & reveal step by step strategies.

Bonus #5 : Get 12 16 weeks access to our mini-workshop community + LIVE COACHING

Network & connect with other member’s of the mini-workshop model for 10 weeks. Get your questions answered by Dino & our team Monday – Friday to maximize your workshop results.

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Dino Gomez – Mini-Workshop Maverick

Dino Gomez