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Design Thinking Guidebook By Eric Moore – The Futur – Instant Download!

Design Thinking Guidebook

Eric Moore,

Product Marketing & Communications Strategist

Whip up some tasty solutions to your clients’ toughest challenges with design thinking methods and become their most trusted advisor.

• 15 Design thinking methods
• 11 Design thinking recipes
• 10 Miro Templates
• Step-by-step, real-world examples

Become the creative problem solver your clients have been searching for.

Ever have a client with a problem that had no obvious solution? Only all the time! With the tools inside our Design Thinking Guidebook you’ll have everything you need to solve your clients’ challenges, no matter how complicated they may seem.
Difficulty Level
Beginner to intermediate

This product includes Miro templates. Access to Miro is highly recommended.

Learning Roadmap
Incorporate design thinking methods into your creative practice and elevate your service offerings.

Mix and match design thinking methods to create tasty, problem-solving recipes for clients.

No matter what your clients say they’re coming to you for, what they really need is a solution to a big business problem- or they wouldn’t be shelling out all that cash! Make sure your solutions are solid and satisfying, all while becoming your clients’ trusted advisor with design thinking methods.

How this works

Win over clients

Learn to facilitate client-convincing, problem-solving workshops with confidence with the design thinking method. Need advice on how to sell design thinking in the first place? We’ve included that, too!

Know your ingredients

Discover the various design thinking methods used in facilitation and know which of these ingredients to bring out, depending upon the specific needs of your clients.

Mix and Match
You’ll learn to combine the design thinking methods to make winning recipes for solving even the most complex client projects.

Learn tips & tricks

Take your design thinking facilitation skills to the next level with useful tips and know what to avoid to make your workshop recipes extra delicious.

Homework that’s fun!

We’ve included two homework assignment to test your design thinking skills. You’ll also get feedback from Eric in the online Circle community.

Who is this for?

Ready to become your clients’ go-to when it comes to their most challenging business problems? Then design thinking is for you.
There’s a good chance you find yourself here because you love to solve complex problems through your creativity, and you want to pivot to more strategic work.

You don’t need to be a brand strategist to provide strategy services. Design thinking is not only a framework, but it is also a mindset. It’s not about selling your logo, video, or illustration alone, it’s about solving your client’s needs through a creative process. A process you invite your client into and along the way, becoming their trusted advisor.

If you narrow down your target, you’ll be able to speak to leads in a more authentic way. They’ll feel understood. They’ll feel taken care of.

Anneli Hansson

Meet your instructor
Eric Moore

Product Marketing & Communications Strategist
Eric is a change agent on a mission to help as many people adopt the Design Thinking mindset. His innovative teaching style has changed the way many of his clients from Microsoft, Pokémon, and Boston Scientific use Design Thinking to solve interesting problems. Eric Moore (The Design Thinker) is the only coach who blends the discipline of design thinking with the art of nonviolent communication to transform quiet leaders across the globe into influential storytellers. In his free time, Eric spends lots of time with his family hiking and playing sports. He also is an amateur photographer who occasionally scores a headshot gig.

From problem-solving recipes to selling design thinking workshops, this guide gives you everything you need to add this valuable service to your offerings.

Course Curriculum
Go through this guide and implement the various strategies at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so jump back into the content whenever you need a refresher.

Design Thinking Foundations
Learn the history behind design thinking, why design thinking is an important part of problem solving, and how to pitch and charge clients for design thinking workshops (cha-ching).

Design Thinking Methods
Within the four phases of design thinking, you’ll learn how to facilitate valuable problem-solving methods, including conducting research, analyzing patterns and themes, developing prototypes, and storytelling.

Design Thinking Recipes
Attack each client problem with a set of ready-made design thinking recipes. You’ll know exactly which design thinking methods to pair for the perfect combination of problem-solving power for even the most complex of client challenges.

Miro Templates
We’ve gathered all the methodology templates into Miro to reduce your prep work so you can get straight to working with clients.

Real-World Examples
Get an inside look at how design thinking has been applied in real-world examples to solidify your practice.

Design Thinking Guidebook By Eric Moore – The Futur, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)