Core Design Skills By Matt Brunton – Flux Academy


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Core Design Skills By Matt Brunton – Flux Academy – Instant Download!

Core Design Skills By Matt Brunton – Flux Academy

From average designs at low rates to beautiful, professional designs that are worth a premium

is this you?

You know you could find more & better clients if you could just produce better designs.

You know a good design when you see it, but find it hard to create one yourself.

Your Instagram & Dribbble feeds inspire you to create amazing work, but you feel you don’t know how.

You’re not very proud of your current portfolio.

You’re sick of just watching tutorials and not making any progress.

Then let me introduce you to core design skills.

You won’t recognize your work after this course

Complete a small design project at the beginning of the course. Redesign it at the end.

Be amazed by how much you’ve grown as a designer.

what you’ll learn

How TO Create
Unique Layouts

Amazing layouts take more than just creativity. They’re crafted with a lot of intention. Get ready to discover 9 principles that will help you create engaging, mesmerizing layouts for your projects.

How to pick colors
that create emotion

Color can make or break any design project. You’ll discover how to choose colors strategically, compose palettes that are both beautiful and functional, and how to actually use color in context.

How to Use Type to
create impact

One of the main things that separate professional designers from amateurs is how they work with type. You’ll learn how to source, select, and pair fonts, and most importantly: how to work with them like a pro.

How to make your
images stand out

Imagery is one of the best ways to add depth and interest to your designs. We’ll be talking about photography, illustration, and texture: how to source them, how to layer them, and how to integrate them to your designs.

How to put it
all together creatively

This is how you go from a blank screen to beautiful design work. You’ll discover how to balance all the elements on your designs, easily identify what’s wrong with a project, and our 3-step process to kickstart your designs without white page syndrome.

Improve by spending your time doing what matters most: designing & getting feedback.

Because design principles can be learned. But design skills can’t. They need to be practiced.

short videos covering only what matters most

Demos to show how theory is put to practice

quizzes to sharpen your design eye

Actionable design exercises with every lesson

Feedback on your work to help you improve and iterate

Why you must improve your Core Design Skills

Super-clear lesson structure with proven results

Use the timeless principles used by all design masters to create stunning work.

Improve the quality of your designs so you can raise your rates.

Avoid the deadly design mistakes that make you look like an amateur.

Meet your instructor

Matt Brunton

Matt Brunton is a Designer, Strategist, and Creative Director from the north of England. He began working full-time as Graphic Designer in 2004 and in the last 18 years has worked for agencies, on his own businesses, and in-house creative and leadership roles.

Today he splits his time between creating educational content with Flux, his own branding studio, and freelancing on high-profile campaigns with some of London’s leading advertising agencies.

Core Design Skills By Matt Brunton – Flux Academy, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

Core Design Skills By Matt Brunton – Flux Academy