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Learn how to invest and trade stocks & options with proper risk management in a classroom with other students!

Classroom is updated weekly with new lessons where you can interact with other students!

I have been investing for about 9 years through stocks and options. I have started over 12 companies on the side as well building up multiple sources of income. I created this source because I saw how many people don’t know how investing truly works. After my success in the investing world I decided to teach this methodology in showing people how they can make hundreds and thousands a day in combination with long term investing to make a living!

In this classroom, you will learn everything from scratch. How the stock market works and how you can get started in trading and long term investing. The goal of this course is to educate you in the investing world by teaching you not only stocks but options as well. There are way too many videos out there which complicate options so I am here to uncomplicated it for you.

Please remember that this isn’t advice of any sort!

Stocks & Options Classroom

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  • Questions & Discussions!
Getting Started
  • What is the stock market?(11:42)
  • What are futures?(4:33)
  • What is economic data?(4:49)
  • What are catalysts?(4:11)
  • Common stock terms explained(14:51)
  • Signing up for a brokerage(4:50)
  • How to avoid PDT and trade unlimited under 25k(6:35)
  • Cash Account vs Margin Account(1:51)
  • My Links
  • What are options?(12:32)
  • What are options explained part 2.(12:58)
  • How to trade options?(12:57)
  • Calls and Puts explained for beginners!(10:25)
  • Options Strategy = Vertical Debit Spreads(13:29)
  • Butterfly Strategy(7:04)
  • ITM vs OTM(4:31)
  • Columns/Greeks Explained(12:17)
  • The volatility index, playing puts continued!(18:30)
  • Best way to long term invest in options(4:56)
  • Bearish Call Credit Spreads (intermediate level)(9:19)
  • Divergences(5:53)
  • Iron Condor(7:12)
  • Bullish Put Credit Spreads(7:18)
  • Earnings & Options(14:47)
  • Selling Covered Calls (intermediate level)(12:54)
  • How to calculate risk/reward on spreads manually(3:32)
  • My Favorite Trading Routine(17:52)
Brokerage Walkthrough
  • Tastyworks Walkthrough(17:38)
  • E-trade Walkthrough(6:10)
  • TD Walkthrough(8:02)
  • Robinhood Vertical Debit Spreads(3:10)
  • Tastyworks Vertical Debit Spreads(8:38)
  • Etrade Vertical Debit Spreads(3:16)
  • Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade) Vertical Debit Spreads(3:48)
  • Interactive Brokers Mobile Vertical Debit Spreads(1:59)
  • Interactive Brokers Desktop Vertical Debit Spreads(3:07)
Technical Anaylsis
  • Trading Software(14:44)
  • Trading Patterns(16:48)
  • How to read candles(11:18)
  • How to draw support & resistance lines(8:24)
  • Best indicators to use(11:05)
  • How to implement stop loses(7:42)
  • How to read the VXX (fear gauge)(9:17)
  • How to trade gaps(7:25)
  • Charting for Long Term Investing(7:44)
  • How to get maximum profits(8:40)
  • How to properly scale in and scale out(12:35)
  • How to trade puts on a red day part 1(6:45)
  • Vertical & Horizontal Volume(15:19)
  • My favorite Indicator that has made me the most profits(7:26)
  • Auto Support & Resistance(5:22)
  • Exponential Moving Average(5:23)
  • Fibonacci Lines Part 1(5:09)
  • Pivot Points Tradingview(4:47)
  • Pivot Points Thinkorswim(4:01)
  • Setting Alerts(5:10)
Tools for investing
  • How to follow smart money flow(6:08)
  • Apps and Services I am subscribed to(4:31)
  • Profit Tracker (helps track profits)
  • How to find the best stocks before market opens!(5:41)
  • Backtesting Practice(4:56)
  • What is a golden sweep?(6:30)
Risk Management
  • Multiple Confirmations(24:09)
  • Scaling In (Dollar Cost Averaging)(11:04)
  • Stop Loss – Expanded(18:36)
Things to know
  • How I made $1 Million in One Month!(19:31)
  • Do you sell at open or do you hold?(9:06)
  • Why you sell before events/earnings(5:55)
  • Best way to long term invest in stocks(9:13)
  • Taxes when it comes to stocks(6:33)
  • Conclusion(0:23)
  • Notes
  • Beginners Quiz!
  • Intermediate Quiz!
  • Vertical Debit Spread Quiz!
  • Risk Management Quiz
  • VXX Quiz
  • Buy the rumor & Sell the news
New Lessons (Please only start after you finished all lessons)
  • How to find A set ups(6:40)
  • How to determine if the day will be green or red(11:01)
  • How to find swings for multiple days/weeks(10:31)
  • How to know when to buy the dip(7:33)
  • How to pick deep ITM contracts(7:15)
  • How to trade with a small account(5:30)
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Value(5:05)
  • Long term investing finding stocks(13:24)
  • Psychology behind trading(11:14)
  • Tradingview Link(2:32)
  • What to look for before getting a debit spread(6:38)
  • When to enter a stock you believe will head higher(8:55)
  • Beginners Vertical Debit Spread Guide(28:13)
  • Entries & Exits(13:07)
  • Pinbar Lesson(6:51)
  • Volume Wave(4:57)
  • Trading with candles(8:30)
Experienced Trader Lessons!
  • Elliott Waves by Julio (JulyPeppers)(16:01)