Content Creation Masterclass By Dear Alyne


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Content Creation Masterclass By Dear Alyne – Instant Download!

Content Creation Masterclass By Dear Alyne

Content Creation Masterclass

Learn from top creators how to brand yourself, make money, and publish your most viral video in one week!


I teach you what Google can’t!


Hi, nice to meet you!! My name is Alyne and I hate writing bios LOL.

I’m a full time content creator, gymnast, olympian, unicorn, Nobel prize winner, and finally, goddess of the universe.

OK, I’m just a full time content creator 😂 BUT I HAVE GOALS OKAY?!

Ok so my real bio: HI MY NAME IS ALYNE and I grew up with a Mormon American Mom and a Jewish Israeli Dad. My parents were opposite in many ways, which made me always have to find my OWN opinion.

At age 28 decided to start making videos about things that I felt were missing on social media: women’s issues, less known countries, human rights, vegetarianism and more!

Back then, 3 years ago, I HAD NEVER MADE A VIDEO. I was divorced, unemployed, and felt like “wow I really messed it all up”.

Today? I have 3 Million followers and nearly half a billion views. 😳 I make a full time living making videos about things I care about.
I feel like I have shared most of the messages I wanted to when I got started. This has grown beyond my imagination.

That’s why I made this course. Because I want the next group of creators to grow, make videos, and share THEIR stories. The world has already heard mine!

So if you have that little feeling inside “Maybe I could make videos”? Or use videos for your small business, for your memories, or for a new career…then why not try? If I can do it, you can too 🙂 See you in class!
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Dear Alyne
With over 3 Million followers in 3 years, Dear Alyne will support you throughout the ENTIRE retreat, answering questions, and teaching most classes!

Project Nightfall
Grew up with a hard childhood and a strong accent. Millions of followers later, he has grown his confidence. And now, he will teach you to be Confident on Camera!

“That’s one minute, see you tomorrow”! With over 30M followers and 1000 amazing videos, Nas opens up about how he grew.

Drew Binsky
On a mission to visit every country on earth, 191 so far, Drew will answer all your burning questions in this intimate Q and A!

Journalist on the Run
Janet Newenham has worked with Time Magazine, Go Pro, and MANY others. She will teach you how to get brand deals, even with a smaller following!

The creator of “Smile Squad!” Gets BILLIONS of views on his funny skits! And he’s only 22! Enjoy his PRIVATE retreat QandA.


• Makes videos people watch
• Works with Brands they love
• Has confidence to START!
• Is connected to Top Creators
• Successfully pitches yourself to clients
• Makes money from their passion
• Scripts, shoots and edits their own successful videos
• Has a high converting Media Kit

Here’s everything you will learn, module per module

Welcome message

Accessing the Facebook and Telegram groups

PDF HANDOUT: Our equipment recommendations and resources

Access to Markian’s and Drew Binsky Interviews

Module 1: Who is Dear Alyne?
How I became a Digital Nomad

How I became a Content Creator

Module 2: Content Creation Overview
How to grow your audience

How to boost your engagement

Why should you choose Facebook?

Why should you choose Instagram?

Why should you choose YouTube?

Why should you choose TikTok?


PDF HANDOUT (1): Social Media Basics

PDF HANDOUT (2): Identifying your Brand (IG template)

Module 3: Perfecting your Pitch
Pitch Practice

PDF HANDOUT: Elevator Pitch Practice Sheet

Module 4: The Anatomy of a Video
Idea, Angle and Framing of a successful Video

Script and Shotlist





HOMEWORK – Module 1-4

Module 5: YouTube101 with Coralfish12g
Introduction to YouTube

How to choose your niche

The Remix Strategy

Rules of the Algorithm

Things to consider + Equipment

Editing and tips for going viral


Module 6: Confidence on camera with ProjectNightfall
Why is camera presence important? (Getting +1.6M followers by filming in ONE ROOM)

Tips for a better on camera presence

Agon’s challenge to gain confidence on camera


Module 7: The Importance of Scripting
What the ideal script looks like

The ABBA format

Let’s talk about the Hook

Dear Alyne’s script examples

The most important elements of a script

The building blocks of a solid script

Let’s talk about the Outro

PDF HANDOUT: The Building Blocks of a Solid Script

HOMEWORK Module 5-7

Module 8: Shooting Basics
How to shooting (Camera VS Phone, simple techniques and sizing)

Ways to shoot

How to use your camera

How to use your phone

The Quality and Lighting of your video

Recording your audio


HOMEWORK – Module 8

Module 9: Editing with Bruce
The art of Editing

What makes a good editing?

Motion is Emotion

The video editing process

Types of cuts

Editing in DaVinci Resolve pt. 1

Editing in DaVinci Resolve pt.2

Editing in DaVinci Resolve pt.3

Module 10: How to build a media kit (with Racheli, part of the Dear Alyne Team!)
All you need to know about a media kit

Media Kit examples of content creators

How to use Canva

PDF HANDOUT: Media Kit Checklist

Module 11: Brand partnerships: Monetization and the Art of Negotiation with Ben Gilden
Outline of influencer marketing space

Understanding your value to the brand

Micro Influencers and why your time is NOW

Video Collaborations and emerging platforms

What brands are looking for in influencers

Levers for Negotiation

Brand Communication Best Practices

Module 12: How to turn your travel blog and YouTube channel into a money maker with Janet Newenham
Introduction to Janet’s money makers

How to get traffic to your blog

SEO for long term traffic and affiliate income

How to pitch for sponsored work


Module 13: Editing for Social Media with Dear Alyne
Editing Alyne’s Video (“The Pink Tax”) pt.1

Editing Alyne’s Video (“The Pink Tax”) pt.2


PDF HANDOUT: Alyne’s Editing Checklist

HOMEWORK Module 11-13

Module 14: Nas Daily’s Story and Q&A
Nas’s Intro

The of Nas Daily and the hardship

Hope to keep going

Nas Daily Q&A p1.

Nas Daily Q&A pt.2

Module 15: Let’s talk money
How to as a digital nomad and how to work online

Ways to make money as a content creator

How should you pitch a brand?

Ad Money: Diving into Dear Alyne’s backend


PDF HANDOUT: Brand Deal Email Template and Tips

Module 16: BONUS – Fear
What are some things that might stop you from getting ed

Fear of Failure

Mental Fear


Judging Fear

Technical Fear


Final HOMEWORK – Module 14-16

Congrats and What’s Next!!

This Course is for you if:
• You are excited about making content to make the world BETTER!
• You want to make videos on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram!
• You need to learn at your own pace (Stay at home parent, full time job, Student, etc)
• You want to be a Digital Nomad and work from anywhere in the world!
• You are interested in Content Creation but don’t know exactly how it works
• You have integrity as a creator!
• You want to learn how to write an awesome script!
• You want to learn work with brands!
• You want to learn basic editing and shooting
• You are a fresh beginner or intermediate content creator looking for insider secrets.
• You are on a budget and want to know how to get started!

This course is not for you if:
• You want to make money fast (you can make good money doing this, but not fast!)
• You want to make videos to get famous
• You think videos are easy to make (LOL THEY ARE NOT)
• You think you will succeed by making one video
• You don’t have time and energy for content creation and to commit to the process.

This course is life changing
Watch how it transformed our graduates lives!

We also have hundreds of wonderful testimonials… but for convenience’s sake, we’ll only share a few!

“I don’t want this to ever end. I feel like I belong somewhere. I haven’t felt this in a very long time.” -Aya Kotori, September Digital Retreat Graduate

“Thanks to the community that she created we can actually keep in touch and encourage each other to keep going and to keep consistency. I learned so much during this retreat and am so happy that Alyne unlocked our potential within and encouraged us to keep going! I feel like I cannot say “thank you” enough. I wish you could feel my happiness and my gratitude that I have towards you!” -Sara N, May Digital Retreat Graduate

Content Creation Masterclass By Dear Alyne

Content Creation Masterclass By Dear Alyne, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Module 9
  • Module 10
  • Module 11
  • Module 12
  • Module 13
  • Module 14
  • Module 15
  • Module 16
  • #7227 – ‘Accessing the Facebook and Telegram groups I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7228 – ‘Access to Markian’s and Drew Binsky Interviews I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7229 – ‘HOMEWORK – Module 1-4 HomeworkModule 1-4_ Ideating and pitch! I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7230 – ‘HOMEWORK Module 5-7 HomeworkModule 5-7_ Writing your script I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7231 – ‘HOMEWORK – Module 8 HomeworkModule 8_ Shooting I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7232 – ‘HOMEWORK Module 11-13 HomeworkModule 11-13_ Media Kit I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7233 – ‘Final HOMEWORK – Module 14-16 HomeworkModule 14-15 (and 16)_ Editing I Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.pdf
  • #7234 – ‘Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!’ – dear-alyne-masterclass.teachable.com.png
  • Brand Deal Email Template.pdf
  • Congrats and What’s Next!! – Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass!.mp4
  • Editing Checklist.pdf
  • Elevator Pitch.pdf
  • LINKS and Resources (1).pdf
  • Media Kit.pdf
  • Scripting DADR .pdf
  • Welcome message – Dear Alyne’s Content Creation Masterclass![2].mp4
  • What do you associate your brand with_.pdf
  • Social Media Basics (2).pdf