Bruce Whipple – The Top Ten Objections To Acquiring A Business With The QLA Methodology | Instant Download !



Bruce Whipple – The Top Ten Objections To Acquiring A Business With The QLA Methodology | Instant Download !



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  • If you’ve ever stumbled to find the right words in front of your potential Chairman…
  • If you’ve ever lost a board member because you said the wrong thing at the wrong time…
  • If you’ve ever watched your dreams go up in smoke when a banker started asking the hard questions…

You know exactly how bad it stings to lose a deal because you didn’t know what to say.

Here’s the thing…

All of those headaches and sleepless nights can be avoided. And in a moment, I’m going to show you how you can, with a few minutes of practice, be able to confidently walk into any boardroom and run the show!

In the beginning, even veterans step on their d*cks if they don’t practice.

In fact, seasoned entrepreneurs with years of experience running a business under their belt are a prime example. They often waltz into QLA thinking it’s going to be a cakewalk.

But they are dead wrong. These excited business owners soon realize that unless you can handle rejections and the hard questions straight on… your acquisition attempts will FAIL!

Look, unless you’re actual DNA is made from “twisted steel and panther piss,” like Dan Pena, you’ve got roughly 3-5 chances to swing at the plate before it’s game over for you.

Because if you don’t overcome this mental block…

Fear of Failure WILL Steal Your Dreams

Most entrepreneurs often “fail their way to success,” but again, you better have the guts to step into the pitch and handle gut-wrenching rejections like a man, if you intend to play QLA in the dark.

For instance…

I’m sure you’d agree it takes at least five continuous follow-up efforts BEFORE you get a single “yes”…


But if you’re always stuck looking for the right words, you might as well triple that number.

See, industry experts talk. And if word gets out that you don’t know what you’re talking about, because you can’t articulate your vision or can’t simply explain how you intend to protect a board member’s reputation, you might as well pack up your bag and start over in a brand new industry.

Every meeting is going to end the same exact way… with a big fat NO!

Sure, you can accidentally stumble on a “dream team” candidate and get him on board even if you botch your entire presentation.

But like one of my recent mentees discovered…

… when you play with sharks, you will get bit!

This particular mentee almost had his entire deal and dream team stolen right out from under his nose.

His new – highly qualified – board member went behind his back (in days after coming on board.)

Luckily, he started the relationship with his Chairman the right way. This guy tried to steal his deal, Chairman and his entire board.

This is exactly what I want to help you avoid.

Imagine if you no longer feared “cold calling” your future dream team.

What if you knew exactly what to say when asked, “How are you going to get capital to fund your acquisitions?”

And imagine shaking hands with your new Chairman after perfectly answering the terrifying question, “Why would I EVER want to do business with you?”

Here’s how to…