Trader Dale – Order Flow Pack

ORDER FLOW PACK - Dale's Trading Education - YouTube

This advanced charting software enables you to read all trading orders that are processed in the market, giving you the unfair advantage of tracking the BIG financial institutions and identifying the strongest Support and Resistance zones.

What You’ll Learn In Order Flow Pack?

  • 33 In-Depth Videos with 12+ Hours of training
  • Complete NinjaTrader 8 Setup Guide
  • Learn the most profitable setups I use each day
  • REAL trade examples to help you learn to trade ASAP
  • Works on all trading instruments (Forex, Futures, Stocks, Crypto, etc..)

About Trader Dale

I am a full-time trader with real trading experience since 2008. I am a certified portfolio manager, investment manager, and a founder & tutor at: On my website, I created comprehensive & in-depth courses that will teach you how to trade with Volume Profile, Order-Flow, and VWAP.

I developed Volume Profile, Order Flow, and VWAP indicators for the NinjaTrader trading platform and I also wrote two books on trading with Volume Profile and Order-Flow (both books are one of the best-selling trading books at Amazon).

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