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Asad – Amazon Master Class
  • Asad – Amazon Master Class

Asad – Amazon Master Class


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Asad - Amazon Master Class

Asad – Amazon Master Class


The handbook for creating a full-time income by *simply* building a brand and selling products on Amazon.


Before going any further, read this satisfied review by someone who’s been learning the strategies behind building a successful brand on Amazon FBA and taking action:

“As soon as I bought the course and started watching, I couldn’t stop. It was engaging content, filled to the brim with action based information that brings you behind the scenes of how Amazon FBA truly works. I consumed the course twice over, taking copious amounts of notes. I am now happy to say that I bought my first product after using the in depth research and testing techniques learned from Asad’s course. This would never have been possible without Asad and the wealth of information I gained from his course. And as a result of the purchase, he has been someone I can reach out to via phone, email and twitter which has been a tremendous bonus. I look forward now to great success in 2019 as a seller on Amazon. And if you purchase any of his teaching tools and put in the work, you can be the next one on their way to dominating the e-commerce market.”

– Sarah P.

Whether you’re interested in creating a small side business to supplement your income, or creating a full time income on Amazon:

The principles taught in this course can help you reach your end goal in FAST.

Imagine your life after you have created a profitable brand on Amazon.

You wake up in the morning after a deep nights rest.

There’s no signs of stress from upcoming rent payments and work deadlines.

You feel amazing.

You walk outside your villa into the warm ocean air, filling your lungs with the salty taste of success.

Breakfast is brought to your door and you look at the orders that came in last night while you sip your freshly squeezed orange juice. The feeling is euphoric every time. You still can’t believe that people would buy from you. But they often do, and now you are free.


Now, are you going to let that vision fade away slowly…

Or are you going to take your first step towards it. And build your own business based on proven strategies, with the help and guidance of yours truly?

Hey everyone,

My name’s Asad and I wasn’t always know as the “Amazon FBA Guy.”

In fact, it took me years to get to this point. But, I finally made it to what I have now.

Financial freedom, location freedom, and time freedom.

All because I started using the techniques and strategies that will be available to you from day one, inside the Amazon Mastery Course.

With the information inside the course paired with consistent action, you will be able to:

  • Create a side income that looks more like a full-time income
  • Create a full time income that makes your neighbors wonder what you’re actually selling. (No, it’s not “pure” and its not from Colombia)
  • Say goodbye to your boring, life sucking 9-5
  • Say hello to locational freedom, and travel wherever your heart desires
  • End the constant stress of oncoming bills, debt and student loans
  • Lose your fears about the unexpected problems life can hand you
  • Help the people in your life who need it

And more importantly, stop watching as life passes you by as you sit behind your desk for days on end, wondering when the next success story is going to be your success story…

News Flash

You will never find success if you do not take action.

Whether it’s through Amazon FBA, dropshipping, creating a brand…Nobody is going to do it for you.

So, why not make it easier on yourself?

That’s EXACTLY why I created the Amazon Mastery Course. It gives you the fastest, easiest route to success when you take action.

It removes all the guesswork, answers all of the beginner questions, and simplifies the entire process.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to _____, a satisfied investor in themselves:

“This is an excellent course! It is very practical and informative. I have been watching and learning from everyone on Twitter and trying to find out how I want to start my ecom career, but Asad’s course really stuck with me. And with Amazon taking care of selling and shipping. I have free time to find more products using the proven blueprint Asad uses himself.

Thank you so much Asad for this wonderful content.”

– Aisha C

Today is the day you finally take action

So stop scrolling endlessly through twitter, picking up bits and pieces, crumbs of information.

Stop watching those 10 minute youtube videos that hint at the answers, but leave you guessing at what you really need to be successful.

Stop wondering what life would be like if you tripled your income.

Just take action by using the proven techniques and strategies that will catapult you to success before you can spell Amazon Mastery Course!

In the extensive, value-packed course you will find:

  • Video modules and resources that will take the guesswork out of building a successful brand on Amazon.
  • My personal product research and testing strategy to find a winning product
  • The best way to source your product
  • The safest method for finding suppliers and factories
  • How to launch your product on Amazon
  • How to plan for long term success on Amazon
  • The guidance to deal with an ever changing marketplace and product ecosystem.
  • Everything you need to launch a successful brand on Amazon while allowing enough room for you to use your own creativity to find a solution.
  • My contact information, to personally reach out and ask me anything else you wish to know about building a brand on Amazon.
  • An evergreen course, meaning new video content will continually be added to the course at no extra cost to you.
  • So, so much more

A lifetime worth of value. Giving you all the tools needed to achieve financial, locational and time freedom.

Did you notice one theme while reading this? One sentence? One word?

Sheesh, if you ask me….it was: TAKE ACTION.

And that is what I’m here to help you do. Take ruthless action towards your goals daily.

Don’t leave your future self wishing you did more. Give yourself the best chance to succeed, because really, you deserve all the success in the world.

But…success only comes to those who take action.

If you’re ready to take ruthless action to creating a 6-figure Amazon FBA brand, click the big green ENROLL button right now to begin your Amazon FBA journey!

You’re future happiness depends on it.



P.S. If you’re stuck still in the online biz world…you see people flipping profits…you see people driving fancy cars…thats OK.

We all start somewhere.

Let’s make that place here and follow a proven strategy to transform your life.

$497 is a bargain for this bad boy. I know I won’t keep the price down here very long.


Introduction – Early Game I
  • Start

    Intro Notes (5:41)

  • Start

    Course Overview & Developing a Winning Mindset (11:37)

  • Start

    Progression Of Your Ecom Journey (8:25)

  • Start

    Basics Of Account Set Up (8:33)

Product Research – Early Game II
  • Start

    Product Research Overview (13:52)

  • Start

    Jungle Scout Demo (22:40)

  • Start

    Unicorn Smasher Demo (4:44)

  • Start

    Azmazo Overview (13:26)

  • Start

    Places To Find Product Ideas (40:56)

  • Start

    Product Workbook Walkthrough (11:15)

  • Start

    Product Research Parting Notes (24:25)

Sourcing Products – Early Game III
  • Start

    Product Sourcing Overview (3:12)

  • Start

    Vetting Suppliers (13:14)

  • Start

    Communicating With Suppliers (4:36)

Ordering Products – Mid Game I
  • Start

    Ordering Products Overview (0:53)

  • Start

    Samples & Cost (5:25)

  • Start

    Payment (3:49)

Launching Products – Mid Game II
  • Start

    Product Launch Overview (1:33)

  • Start

    Setting Up Your First Listing (4:43)

  • Start

    Product Photography (21:02)

  • Start

    Writing Product Descriptions (25:44)

  • Start

    UPCs (1:42)

  • Start

    Keyword Research (13:27)

  • Start

    Supplier Contact Template

  • Start