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Next Cut E-Course by Michael McIntyre


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Next Cut E-Course by Michael McIntyre

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Join Michael McIntyre as he leads you on an 8 week journey in discovering how far you can really go.

This course is designed to give leaders the tools they need to activate themselves day in and day out. The aim is to equip people to develop their leadership skills, increase their business, have better relationships, create a better financial future, and a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Whatever area(s) in your life you are ready to take on Michael will lead you through accomplishing your goals.

This course is all about intentionally stepping out to learn how you can BE, DO, and HAVE what you were created for.

The Next Cut is broken down into 8 modules and each module is meant to be completed one week at a time. Modules have a varying number of videos, anywhere from 2 to 4. We recommend watching each video one day at a time, allowing for enough time to complete or begin the assignment as the lesson indicates. You are free to choose the days of the week you view the lessons! Following each module per week allows you to put into action life changing principles.

This is a strategic commitment, that will allow you to embrace “the more” you have been desiring.

As always, what you put into it, is what you will get out of it!