Arn Andersson – Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording

Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording

The Starting Composer’s Guide To Composing, Orchestrating and Mixing Orchestral Music

From Idea To Finished Recording is the beginning composer’s complete guide to composing orchestrating recording and mixing orchestral music using digital tools. The course will take you through the entire process of writing a memorable track, orchestrating and record it using virtual instruments, before mixing and finally mastering it into a finished audio file. Through a mix of over 150 pages of text, audio and illustrations, and over 14 hours of video, you’ll be guided through the fundamentals of producing cinematic music along the lines of Hans Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell and Brian Tyler… From the first ideas, to the finished recording.


  • Bring your musical ideas to life, step by step
  • Compose memorable and compelling themes
  • Write great countermelodies and ostinatos
  • Effectively structure and transform your themes into full compositions
  • Orchestrate your tracks from beginning to end
  • Record realistic mockups using virtual instruments
  • Create powerful mixes using only basic mixing tools

… and much more!

THE COURSE LAYOUT The Course Has 3 Main Modules:

 CREATE MEMORABLE COMPOSITIONS Learn How To Write Outstanding Themes

Write compelling melodies, harmonies, counter melodies and ostinatos – and learn how to structure your orchestral compositions to keep the attention of the listener from the first note to the last.

 FROM SKETCH TO ORCHESTRATION Bring Your Ideas To Life Using Practical Arranging Techniques

In the Orchestration chapter, you’ll learn the basics of taking your musical idea and turn it into a complete orchestral piece using digital tools and virtual instruments.

 GET THE PROFESSIONAL SOUND Realistic Mockups & Massive Mixes

In the Production section, we’ll turn your track into a finished audio file – ready to be shared with the world. We’ll start by polishing the mockup with virtual instruments, before creating a powerful mix using only basic mixing tools, and mastering it for the final product.

Course Curriculum


  • About This Course
  • How To Use This Course
  • About The Second Issue
  • Composing In The Modern World
  • Preview – Requirements
  • Preview – Tips By Industry Composers
  • The Composition Stage
  • Tips To Get Started
  • Melody Intro (13:34)
  • Melody Breakdowns Of Successful Tracks (18:14)
  • Preview – Melody Contour and Shape (5:38)
  • Common Scales and Modes (9:45)
  • Intervals and Emotion (17:15)
  • Using Motifs (9:51)
  • Motif Development (11:14)
  • Exercise 1: Write A Motif
  • Making Melodies from Motifs: PReVaDe (12:57)
  • Variations of PReVaDe
  • Listening Exercise: Melody Analysis Of Successful Tracks
  • Melody Form (6:11)
  • Writing Secondary Themes (7:03)
  • Finishing Your Main Melody
  • Discussion & Feedback: Melody
  • Tips From Professionals

Meet Your Instructor

Arn Andersson
Coming from Norway, Arn is a musician, composer and entrepreneur who’s been traveling the world as a digital nomad for the past years. He started studying Orchestration for Film and TV at the age of 16, and quickly turned his passion for creating and composing as a full time career, and his music can be heard in Films, Games, and Trailers all over the world. He founded the website ComposingSecrets in 2014, which later developed into Evenant.

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