Anderson Business Advisors – Wholesale Trust 2023

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Wholesale Trust 2023Anderson Business Advisors – Wholesale Trust 2023

The no-cost simple solution to assigning real estate contracts

Why a Wholesale Trust?

Eliminated are double closings, extra tax returns, expensive business entity setups, and failed deals from not having this tool in your investing arsenal.

Quick & Efficient

The Wholesale Trust is a fast, inexpensive, and reliable solution to take property under contract and retain the ability to assign your rights to another investor or your own entity.

Inexpensive & Reliable

With the Wholesale Trust, you can quickly and efficiently make multiple offers under differently trust names thereby giving you the potential to tie up several properties for sale to other investors.

Included in this Wholesale Trust package is the following:

  • Why use a Wholesale Trust Naming your Wholesale Trust
  • Selecting your trustee
  • Who will be the beneficiary
  • Signing your Wholesale Trust
  • Making offers with your Wholesale Trust
  • Selling your Wholesale Trust
  • Assigning your beneficial interest
  • Resigning your position as a Trustee
  • Walkthrough of completing your wholesale trust
  • Wholesale Trust
  • Sale of Beneficial Interest
  • Assignment of Beneficial Interest
  • Resignation as Trustee
  • Appoint of Trustee
  • Trustee Acceptance
  • Sample Wholesale Trust Transaction

Who is Anderson?

Anderson Business Advisors is a business planning and consulting firm with a focus on providing high-quality services and resources to real estate investors and business owners.

What makes Anderson unique?

Anderson Business Advisors takes a unique approach to asset protection. Unlike tradition groups, we avoid hourly fees and instead work on a fee-based structure in which the costs of creating and implementing a plan are exclusive. This unique fee structure encourages you to take an active role in the implementation of your plan.

Why Choose Anderson?

Anderson Business Advisors is the nation’s premier entity provider. Our biggest competitors in the field of entity planning are primarily non-legal service providers. Because of this, they do not have the same ethical standards that we have at Anderson Business Advisors. We do not offer false hope or false promises. We offer common sense, black letter law, and solutions to the most common obstacles.

What can I expect from Anderson?

Have you taken an honest look at your situation? We believe it’s in your best interest to do so. Therefore, when you contact us, you can expect the Advisor who is working with you ask a series of questions to get a better understanding of what your situation is at this time.

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