Alexandra Marquez – Poshmark Reselling 101


If you’re ready to build your profitable reselling empire, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey friend, I’m Alexandra!

I’m a full time ecommerce entrepreneur, reseller, wife to Jason, and step mom to Zane! I have been a full time reseller for years and have made over $600,000 reselling clothing online!

I ed my journey into reselling back in 2012 on the Poshmark app and have since made it my full time career! I have since grown to over 940,000 Poshmark followers, been featured in Business Insider, Hallmark Channel, and Yahoo! Finance, and I’ve created a full time income for myself!

I look forward to guiding you through your journey as an entrepreneur and can’t wait to see you grow!

All about Poshmark Reselling 101:

I am so excited to guide you through the journey toward creating a profitable and sustainable Poshmark reselling business. This course is geared toward new and intermediate Poshmark sellers, but there’s sure to be valuable content for resellers of any level!

This course will provide you with the tools to increase your sales, create higher profit margins, source amazing inventory, and become an online entrepreneur. You will walk away from this course with all of the necessary tools to meet your reselling goals – whether that be hitting a certain monthly number, sourcing better inventory, or turning reselling into your full-time job!

Course Curriculum

Welcome! Intro & FAQ’s
  • Intro/ About Me(1:16)
  • Printable: FAQ’s
Module 1: Getting ed
  • ing Your Poshmark Closet & Posh Basics(13:47)
  • Screenshare: New Closet Setup(7:33)
  • Printable: ing Your Poshmark Closet Checklist
Module 2: Researching Trends
  • How to Research Trends(13:25)
  • Screenshare: Checking Comps(4:34)
  • Printable Worksheet: Trend Research & Forecasting
Module 3: Sourcing Part 1: Pre-owned
  • Sourcing Pre-owned(37:05)
  • 600 Brand BOLO List!
  • Printable: Looking up Comps
  • Printable: Sourcing Checklist
Module 4: Sourcing Part 2: Retail Arbitrage
  • Retail Arbitrage & Sourcing New Inventory(16:12)
  • Screenshare: Sourcing Online at Nordstrom Rack(4:06)
  • Printable: Low Risk Retail Arbitrage
Module 5: Photos
  • Taking and Editing Photos(15:45)
  • Printable: Tips for Excellent Photos
Module 6: Listing/Selling
  • Optimizing Your Listings(9:14)
  • Making Sales(19:33)
  • Screenshare: Listing Process(4:52)
  • Screenshare: More Strategies for Making Sales(10:55)
  • Printable: Descriptive Words to Use in Your Listings
Module 7: Shipping
  • Shipping Your Sales(9:07)
  • Video: My Shipping Process(1:41)
  • Printable: Shipping Checklist
Module 8: Best Practices
  • Listings, Cases, Comments, and More(11:18)
  • Time Management(11:58)
  • Printable: Goal Setting/To-do Worksheet
Module 9: Bookkeeping/Inventory
  • Bookkeeping and Inventory Systems(9:00)
  • Spreadsheet: Income & Expense
  • Spreadsheet: Cost of Goods & Inventory
Module 10: Branding and Social Media
  • Establishing Your Brand Identity(11:05)
  • How to Grow on Instagram(11:20)
  • Printable: Poshmark Hashtag Library