3 Day Manifesting Event Livestream By Authentic Living Heartland

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3 Day Manifesting Event Livestream By Authentic Living Heartland – Instant Download!

“How to Manifest What You Want the Most in Just 3 Days”
September 30th – October 2nd in Dolores, Colorado or Join Virtually From Home

“If you’ve been wanting to see me live and in-person, (I do!) so I can walk you through my entire manifesting process… and help you remove as many mental, emotional, and energetic blocks (as you and I can!) that are in the way of what you want… with my intention being so that you can manifest what you want the most, in as little as 3 days… then this is one transformative event you don’t want to miss…”

As you might know, we get messages multiple times a day asking “Can I meet Mandy in-person?” or “Does Mandy do any live events?”

First of all- it’s an honor folks want to, and it makes my heart so full when I get to.

Usually, I only do events for my certification programs due to my desire for the Ripple effect!

Anywhoodle, doodle… Since there’s been requests this year for an event on “Manifesting” 3-Day event… after the release of my book “8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting”, we did one event a few months back, and the results were AMAZING

Check them out below…

Is It Possible to Manifest LOVE, Abundance, FREEDOM, Joy, Happiness DURING The 3-Day Experience? Watch The Videos Below To See What’s Possible…

“She Released Her Biggest Block to Finding Love…”

“People were manifesting on the spot and it was amazing to witness, and that’s why we’ve decided to do another one this year… .. AND we will dive deep into everything you need to manifest right now…

I’m so excited for it and I feel completely in alignment to serve, -in-person where you get ME… and of course my hubby Spiritual Activator personally…

It will be a deep dive, as I prefer to do – immersion type experience when it comes to manifesting, and really… healing and expansion (I know that sounds a lot less clear).

It will be comprehensive, transformational, and will include everything you’ll need moving forward if you’re coming with at least bit of an open heart and mind!

As you know, manifestation is mind/heart and energy.

When you set the intention you want the most, in an extremely high vibration, then it happens FAST… and it happens predictably.

That’s what we’ll be doing.

“When your vibration is high, there’s nothing you can’t create… no block you can’t breakthrough… for the highest good of all!”

Then, since we are in sacred land… and also a vortex (which to me is similar to living on top of a giant crystal that magnifies whatever energy to the 10X-100X degree)… then whatever intention we set, it just speeds up.

In our land, the release will be quick… and the creation may be even quicker (up to you!)… that’s why so many who have gone here have had new beginnings… and amazing breakthroughs….

And while all that is happening, we are also sharing with you, all the all the principles, techniques, and our entire step-by-step system you can use to manifest whatever you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “beginner” and you’ve never heard of manifesting, or you’re a bit advanced to where you can manifest already, but you just want to do it quicker, most predictably, and on-demand and most importantly in alignment … even for the big manifestations… this event covers all of it.

So we’ll be diving deep into rewiring your mind, your emotions, and your energy for the vibration of abundance.

I am excited to provide an energetic clearing, and an attunement as well… along with my hubby The Spiritual Activator…

3 Day Manifesting Event Livestream By Authentic Living Heartland

So you’ll experience the highest version and frequency of yourself (AKA your higher self)… and when you embody that version of yourself, you become unshakeable in spirit… and you also become a magnet for all the things you’ve always wanted… like

  • More Joy
  • More Happiness
  • More Confidence
  • More Clarity
  • More Love
  • More Purpose
  • More Abundance
  • More Peace of Mind
  • And much more…

Interested? Here’s the Deets…

The live event is scheduled for September 30- October 2 (Friday to Sunday), here at our retreat center in Dolores, Colorado!

Tickets to the event start a $2,222 to join us in person… and $555 to join us from your home!

Aaaand if you’ve been following us for awhile then you know how beautifully discounted as our 3-day events in the past are typically around $3,500 per person… when we used to do private coaching (which we can’t do often anymore gosh darnit) but, we used to charge $15,000 per day!

We changed the prices to account for the increase in gas and travelling fees… as we want to remove as many barriers for anyone serious, willing, and able… to get to this event!
We want EVERYONE who attends to get results and succeed 100%… and that’s why we do have a few parameters we are putting into place to ensure that happens.

We only have 100 48 seats available for the live, in–person experience. This ensures that we are able to deliver at the highest levels for this event.

Food (Vegetarian- extremely nutritious and totally magical of course) will be included for everyone. Since the on-site lodging is sold out, you’ll have to arrange your own lodging and transportation to and from the center daily (all good- but the one sure is magic!!!)

There will be a screening and application process to ensure this is the right experience for you. So you’ll need to make a $199 refundable deposit right now, this will reserve your spot, as we will honor a first come first served basis system. Then one of our team members will chat with you, make sure it’s a good fit, and also share with your the different pricing options we have. If at the end of the call, you decide it’s not a fit, or you are just not able to do it then we will refund your deposit immediately. Shitskies I can’t wait to see you!
Again, we want to make sure we get the folks who are ready to rock in the room. Meaning to say, you are right for us, and we are right for you… with 100% success rate being our intention, I hope you can appreciate this.

And yes, if you can’t attend live and in-person, we are also doing a virtual experience where you can participate from the comfort of your own home as well.

Although I never know where divine guidance will bring me in fullness, it’s very fair to say I don’t know if we will do this event again in the future (and if you know me, you have seen over the years that is VERY much the case)… The mastermind events, we only did twice… the immersion events, we stopped doing years ago…

We do things when we’re called and inspired, and when it’s time to move on to other ways to help people, we do that.

So I don’t want you to “wait for another time” like old Mandy would say- goodness too often it never happens…

And please, remember, this is a first come first served basis. We have 100 spots and this will go out to close to 3 million of our students and online following this week… so it just might fill up extremely quickly. I can feel the frequency already.


Shall we?