ZCFX Trading Course

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ZCFX Trading Course

Master the Art of Profitable, Consistent Trading & Walk the Road to Success

Perfect Your Trading

The goal at ZCFX is to simplify the trading industry using our unique trading approach that has allowed many of our members become full time funded traders. We not only teach you the skill set but also transform your mindset into a winning one..

A-Z Trading Course

Our course is designed to take you from a novice to a consistently profitable trader. You will be able to access our content which is in order, step by step.

What You’ll Learn In ZCFX Trading Course?

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Money Management
  • Section 2 – Market Structure _SD
  • Section 3 – Structural Breaks _ Ranges
  • Section 4 – Supply _ Demand Advanced
  • Section 5 – Confluence
  • Section 6 – Liquidity
  • Section 7 – Entry Types
  • Section 8 – Wyckoff Method
  • Section 9 – Case Studies

Part 2

  • The ZCFX Way v1
  • The ZCFX Way v2

Part 3

  • Private Run Downs
  • Webinars Quick Tips
  • Mastering Trading Psychology
  • Discord

Sale Page: ZCFX Trading Course