Wyckoffanalytics – Tape Reading Course: A Three-Part Series

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Wyckoffanalytics – Tape Reading Course: A Three-Part Series

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Series #1: Foundational Principles of Tape Reading
with Roman Bogomazov

Sessions 1-3

What’s covered?
Basic and Intermediate concepts
A detailed explanation on how to do bar-by-bar analysis
The central role of Wyckoff’s Laws of Supply and Demand and Effort-vs-Result in tape reading practice
How to use tape reading to assess the strength and weakness of swings within trading ranges and trends
Applying tape reading within the context of Wyckoff price structural elements
Tape reading based on Point-and-Figure (PnF) and volume
Using horizontal volume and price for tape reading purposes

BONUS session#4 Tape Reading session with Gary Fullett

What’s covered?
Tape Reading without time frame constraints
How to assess Wyckoffian strength and weakness using tape reading techniques
Tape reading at the right edge of the trading range

Series #2: Progressing to the Next Level,
with David Weis and Roman Bogomazov

Sessions 5 with David Weis
Sessions 6-9 with Roman Bogomazov

What’s covered?
Intermediate to advanced tape reading concepts
Original R.D. Wyckoff tape reading techniques that include PnF charts with volume
Explanation and demonstration of modern PnF and volume tape reading
The history and logic behind the Weis Wave indicator
Weis Cumulative Wave
Swing-by-swing tape reading
Bar-by-bar analysis will feature a series of exercises in which Roman will be a student, reading David’s charts while David gives live feedback

Series #3: Advanced Wyckoff Tape Reading,
with William Reardon and Roman Bogomazov

Sessions 10-12

What’s covered?
Additional intermediate to advanced tape reading techniques
Many examples of tape reading in intraday and swing trading
How to tape read S&P500 e-mini futures charts and to analyze current price action using principles presented throughout these classes
Tape reading using multiple time frames
As in Series #2, Roman will be a tape-reading student analyzing William’s charts in real-time

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