Weck Method – Rotational Movement Training Online Certification Course (Without Equipment VERSION)

WeckMethod is dedicated to developing new training concepts and methodologies which improve upon past concepts and create all new inroads in physical education and personal well-being. The Rotational Movement Training® course teaches you essential concepts and newly developed training techniques including Coiling Core® training, Limit Force Elastic® training, bilateral torsion training, Non-Dominant Side Training®, and more.

The Rotational Movement Course also teaches you how to utilize these essential training concepts and techniques using WeckMethod’s ProPulse® Speed Trainers, WM Resistance Bands and RMT® Rope which come included with the Rotational Movement Training®.


  • You leave the course learning something truly new and invaluable, not just a “few” new techniques to add to your craft bag.
  • What you learn can be used immediately on day one to improve your existing training and open the doors to new and exciting programs and training.
  • The Rotational Movement Training® course gives you a lifelong practice allowing you to consistently grow, explore, create, and progress.


This course is offered to a wide range of individuals from fitness enthusiasts, to personal trainers, to professional athletes, and more. If you love fitness training, movement principles and exploring new concepts to expand your knowledge base, add to your current training and give you all new concepts to work with — this course is for you.

Without Equipment: $180.95

This option is for those that already own the P.B.R Training Kit ( ProPulse Speed Trainers, WM Resistance Bands, and the RMT Rope)

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