Webflow Masterclass 3.0 – Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall – Flux Academy

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Webflow Masterclass 3.0 – Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall – Flux Academy – Instant Download!

Webflow Masterclass 3.0 - Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall - Flux Academy

Webflow Masterclass 3.0 – Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall – Flux Academy

is this you?

  • You create (or want to create) websites for clients.
  • You’re a self-learner who enjoys learning with videos at your own pace, and…
  • You value personalized feedback and advice from experienced designers.
  • You want to master the complete process of building client websites with Webflow from start to finish (and avoid accidentally skipping any important steps).
  • You’re looking for the most efficient way to learn everything you need to know without spending endless hours sifting through irrelevant tutorials.

Then welcome to The Webflow Masterclass.

Why this is the only
Webflow course you need
Here’s what sets The Webflow Masterclass apart:

Super-clear lesson structure with proven results

  • 12 hours of video lessons based on real-life client work by Webflow designers
  • The only program that takes students from A to Z
  • Fresh curriculum (developed based on feedback from thousands of designers) includes everything you need to be successful
  • 4,600+ happy graduates

Taught by world-class experts

Ran Segall

  • 20 Years Design Experience
  • Teaching Webflow since 2014
  • 5-Figure Webflow websites built for international clients


  • Certified Webflow Expert
  • Worked with Adidas, Siemens and other major brands
  • Over 100 Webflow client websites built

Practical and actionable

Webflow Masterclass 3.0 - Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall - Flux Academy

  • Work on 2 amazing website projects and put your skills into practice within realistic scenarios
  • Learn to improve and iterate on your work with personalized feedback
  • Spend more time doing design (instead of only watching tutorial videos)

By the end of this course,
you’ll be able to:

Build pixel-perfect websites quickly using a powerful visual development tool.

Implement stunning animations and interactions

Make more money charging for design & development

Regain creative freedom in your work, without the limitations of templates

Showcase a portfolio featuring your first 2 Webflow websites

There’s a reason people can’t stop talking about Webflow
There’s never been a bigger demand for skilled Webflow designers. Webflow as a company continues to grow, with additional rounds of funding year after year, and over 2 million users across 190 countries.

With Webflow’s brand recognition soaring, many clients want their websites built specifically on Webflow.

Now’s the best time for you to become a Webflow designer — and we’ll show you how.

We’ll teach you everything
you need to know without
wasting your time
Your time is valuable

  • Stop wasting your time watching hours and hours of content online.
    (That’s time you could have spent on paid client projects.)
  • You don’t have to spend months figuring it out on your own
  • Quit looking for THE course that will teach you everything you need to know to become a great Webflow designer. You’ve found it: The Webflow Masterclass.

build these websites on the course:
With pre-prepared assets, step-by-step instructions, and expert guidance, you’ll soon be showcasing your own Webflow creations.

what you’ll learn
Chapter 1

Course Overview and How to Make the Best of It
Introduction to Your Instructors
Course Projects & Certification
What Webflow plan do you need?

Chapter 2

Mastering The Fundamentals
7 Key Concepts for mastering Webflow (and Web Development)
Demo: Building the website’s hero section
Layout tools: Display Settings
Layout tools: Grid
Layout tools: Flex
Layout tools: Positioning
Demo: Building custom layout sections of the website
Making the website responsive
Basic interactions: Hover & Dropdowns
When elements go “out” of the page (Overflow hidden)
Sliders & Carousels
Using Tabs & Lightboxes
Using Forms
Using Symbols
Challenge: Try it yourself!

Chapter 3

Working with Webflow’s CMS
Understanding the CMS & content editing
Planning & creating your collections
Building a CMS team section
Building a CMS template listing page
Sorting & filtering items
Adding a search function
Importing & Exporting content with Webflow
Creating E-commerce Websites

Chapter 4

Mastering Animations & Interactions
Animation & Interactions principles
The Slide-in Effect
Horizontal Scrolling
Parallax Effect
Mouse hover animations
Lottie Animations
Creating Popups
Creating a Pre-loader & Intro animations

Chapter 5

The Website Building Process
The Complete Webflow Website Process Overview
How to Export & Import Images Properly
Working With a Style Guide
Privacy Considerations
Accessibility Considerations
The Pre-Launch Checklist: QA, SEO & Final Setups
Client CMS Training
Going Live

Chapter 6

Working With Clients
How To Sell Webflow To Clients
Should Clients Host With Webflow?
How To Deliver Websites To Clients
Pricing Webflow Websites

Chapter 7

Advanced Topics
Integrating with other no code tools
Multi Lingual Websites
Using Custom code for styling
Advanced Image Consideration
Responsive Typography
Membership sites
Exporting to WordPress or Shopify (Udesly + WP plugin)
Extending Webflow using Community projects
Learn and Build with Cloneables
Useful Chrome Extensions

Chapter 8

Advanced Build – Fitness coach
Cool Button interaction (hero
Gradient outline (Multi-Color border)
Nav Interaction (Custom Mega Nav)
Magnetic play button
Hero animation
Custom slider
Infinite scroll animation
Advance CMS animations
Custom Filtering
Page Transitions

Chapter 9

Closing Thoughts
Conclusion – What’s Next?

What students say:

Emil Torres
The fact I can now develop websites without having to write a single line of code is amazing to me! I already doubled my hourly rate and I can see the difference in my clients’ reaction to my work and professionalism!

Paul Hanna
After working along with the modules in the Masterclass, I decided to recreate a recent website design I’d done for a client. This particular project had already been completed and I’d paid a developer $1200 to code for me. I set up a new Webflow project and I’d finished the build within 3 hours. 3 HOURS! It was at this point I realised I wasn’t going back.

Webflow Masterclass 3.0 – Parity Pricing Edition (Jun 2022) By Ran Segall – Flux Academy, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Mastering The Fundamentals
  • 3. Working with Webflow’s CMS
  • 4. Mastering Animations & Interactions
  • 5. The Website Building Process
  • 6. Working With Clients
  • 7. Advanced Topics
  • 8. Advanced Build – Fitness coach
  • 9. Closing Thoughts
  • 0. Webflow Masterclass 3.0