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Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI – Instant Download!

Ready to Turn Your Writing Skills into a Booming Business, But Don’t Know How to Get Started?

Let the experts from our proven “Virtual Business Building Intensive” give you the confident edge of a seasoned pro with:

  • A niche you love and are excited about…
  • marketing message you can’t wait to share…
  • A high-quality LinkedIn profile that brings clients to you…
  • copywriting information kit that moves clients to hire you…
  • professional freelance website that demonstrates your value…
  • A proven method for contacting and closing clients…
  • Your exact fee schedule, and the confidence to charge what you’re worth…
  • A strategy for expanding your client relationships and profits…
  • Every copywriting and business template you’ll need to get up and running fast — just download, quickly personalize, and send…

Dear Writer,

There’s a lot going on in the world right now.

You know that. I know that.

And so, you might be wondering:

“Is it really a great time to be launching my writing business right now?”

100%… YES!

Now IS the time to launch your business and set yourself up for steady, predictable income as a writer.

Businesses NEED your writing skills now, more than ever. Especially as they make the transition to doing more and more business online.

And when the dust settles and things get to what finally feels “normal,” you’ll be right there, to help them — and to grow your business.

That’s why today, I want to share with you the exact eight-step process for turning your writing skills into a thriving business.

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to get your business up and running in less than 30 days.

Now, that might sound like a big promise, but I’m confident it can happen for you, even with everything that’s been going on.

In fact, we’ve already guided several hundred writers through this same eight-step process and received incredible feedback like this:

“I was able to launch my business pretty much in real time by following along with the program. The step-by-step format cuts through the clutter and keeps you moving in the right direction.”

— Thomas Damon

“Probably the best investment in my copywriting career thus far. I’m truly grateful that I made the decision to take the course. My confidence level has risen to a point that I can hardly describe. I will be a good copywriter.”

— Jim MacDonald

“This is the one I’ve been waiting [for] without realizing I needed the pieces of our business to be integrated, to be connected. And this Intensive did exactly that. I’ve loved it and it’s the most practical thing I’ve done with AWAI. Thank you!”

— Jeri Burgdorf

And, that’s not all…

100% of attendees who completed our follow-up survey said, “Yes!” They would recommend this training to another aspiring writer.


Because we put together an all-star team of business-building experts to walk them (and now you!) through building every piece of a profitable freelance business.

I’m talking about real, working experts like…

Pam Foster, a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant. She has 30+ years of experience in Marketing Communications. She’s also AWAI’s 2009 $10K Spec Challenge Winner.

Nick Usborne, an online copywriter and site optimization expert with over 20 years of experience online. (And, 40 total years of experience in marketing.) He’s also internationally recognized as a leading expert on writing for the Web.

Ilise Benun, a master networking and self-promotion consultant with 30 years of experience. She’s the author of seven business books for the “creatively self-employed” and a national speaker. Ilise is also the founder of Marketing-Mentor.com.

Bob Bly, an independent copywriter and consultant. He has more than four decades of experience in Business-to-Business, high-tech, and direct-response marketing. He’s also the author of over 100 published books.

Myself, Rebecca Matter. I’m the President of AWAI and have more than two decades of experience in publishing and direct-marketing. This role gives me a unique perspective into freelancing and exactly what it takes to build a successful business, in both good times and uncertain times like we’re witnessing right now.

Ed Gandia, a sought-after B2B copywriter, author, speaker, and coach. Ed blew past six-figures, grossing exactly $163,181 in his very first year as a full-time freelance copywriter.

Joshua Boswell, a successful freelance copywriter, speaker, and consultant. Joshua went from $200,000 in debt to a six-figure writer’s life in 11 short months… Now, he’s on track to earn a million dollars a year!

The thing that makes this team of seven money-making geniuses so special — besides their 185+ years of combined experience — is that this is the only program where they all come together to help you build your business fast!

When we’re finished, you’ll have a complete system in place to attract clients, persuade them to hire you, AND get paid the fees you deserve…

Best of all, your business will be up and running within 30 days flat!

“AWAI tells the truth. You can build a business in 30 days no matter how overwhelming it seems.”

— Robyn F. Travis

“I would absolutely recommend it. Hearing from so many experienced experts was extremely valuable. But equally as important were the homework assignments, both because they gave some structure and accountability, and because we got direct feedback.”

— Erica Bartlett

I’ll explain how it all works shortly. But first, I want to share something that will change how you look at getting paid for your writing abilities — forever…

The reason some writers are so successful — and consistently booked with high-paying projects — is because they approach writing as both a creative opportunity and a strategically-crafted BUSINESS…

More precisely, they follow the eight detailed steps I’ll share here today…

Your Shortcut From $0 a Month to a Booming Business in 30 Days… Even In Uncertain Times
(And Even If You’re Just Starting Out!)

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI
Rebecca Matter

I’m Rebecca Matter. As President of AWAI, I often hear from AWAI members who learned how to write, but now they want to “make it work”…

You know what I mean?

They have the skills… or they’re well on their way; learning and studying the fundamentals of persuasive writing.

”SUPERB! It was brilliant and the instructors are amazing! They gave me a lot of insight and walked me through setting up my business. Thank you so much!”

— Ellery Eden

The only problem? They have no idea how to turn their writing skills into a steady income.

And, I totally get it!

If you’re not from a marketing or sales background, the words “build a business” might make you break out in a cold sweat.

So, let me put your mind at ease…

No matter your writing specialty — web copy, B2B, or any other type…

And, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have)…

Our business experts will guide you step-by-step (and piece-by-piece) to a complete freelance writing business that easily attracts serious clients who expect to pay you professional fees for your services.

All in less than 30 days…

We call this proven program the “Virtual Business Building Intensive.”

Yes, it’s completely virtual. Everything has already been recorded so you can tune in from the comfort of your own home…

But, this isn’t a “sit-back-and-listen” type of thing…

As a matter of fact, Virtual Business Building Intensive isn’t like other events at all…

For example, you can rest assured that we won’t hand you a list of stuff to do and simply tell you to, “Go for it.”

Instead, during the video sessions, you’ll discover how to develop all the tangible pieces of your business, including:

  • An automated system specifically designed to attract the kind of paying clients you’re looking for.
  • Professional-grade marketing materials that showcase your writing talents (even if you’re still learning)… and convince clients to hire you on the spot.
  • Negotiation skills and deal-closing techniques for even brand-new writers to easily land rewarding projects and impressive fees!
  • And, much more…

With our guidance, you’ll accomplish in less than 30 days what would normally take a full year (or longer) on your own…

By the time we’re done, you’ll have an entire freelance writing business up and running (even if you’re just starting out today).

And, you won’t have to leave your house to do it…

It All Starts as Soon as You’re Ready

Because you’re getting exclusive access to this Virtual Business Building Intensive, you’ll get everything you need immediately.

That means you’ll have access to every recorded video session, all the question-and-answer sessions, bonuses, and more…

So, you’ll be able to sign in today and get to work! The bottom line is: Virtual Business Building Intensive is ready for you as soon as you decide to turn your writing skills into an income-generating business.

During each recorded session (eight total), one of our experts will teach you step-by-step how to create a key piece of your business…

I’m talking about identifying your niche (don’t overlook the importance of this one!), crafting a marketing message, building a solid LinkedIn profile, assembling an information kit, and much more…

And, you won’t be starting from scratch! You’ll get professional, real-world templates so you can quickly go from zero to full-blown business…

Each recorded session begins with proven “in the trenches” training and advice offered by one of our expert presenters. You’ll love the step-by-step detail and exact steps they’ll share with you — saving you years of “trial and error”…

Then, every session wraps up with pre-recorded question-and-answer time with the professionals — and you’ll have exclusive access to watch all of it.

These 8 Vital Steps — Presented By Our Experts — Make Building a Business MUCH Easier Than You Think…

The following plan works so well because the order is completely strategic… each step builds on the one before it.

So, by the time you complete five or six steps, you’re already “in business,” marketing your skills, and attracting quality clients…

And, once you finish all eight steps? You’re unstoppable!

Our speedy and simplified approach to building your freelance writing business starts with choosing (and properly defining) your writing niche…

Step 1: “Choose Your Niche Focus”
with Pam Foster

It’s the question we get asked most often, “Do I need a niche?”

The answer is always, “YES!” Always yes.

Whether you write for the Web, B2B, or any other type of copy, you must focus on a specific industry, or niche.

Some example industries (or markets) include fitness, financial newsletters, medical devices, farm equipment, wine, travel… you name it.

Your options are unlimited. Which leads to the next most common question I hear: “How do I choose a niche?”

It’s an important question, and the foundation of the next seven steps…

Choose wisely and you’ll accelerate your progress and set yourself apart from all the “generalists” out there. As you probably know, a specialist always gets paid more than a “Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades.”

So, yes — it’s a big choice, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI

Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant who writes multi-page websites and online promotions — such as emails and landing pages, blogs, and social media content.

She’s the founder of ContentClear.com and PetCopywriter.com, and is the co-author of Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry. She’s also the author of three AWAI programs: How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Site Audits Made Simple, and Working Effectively with Web Clients. She’s an AWAI Wall of Fame honoree and AWAI’s 2009 $10K Challenge Winner.

She’s also a champion of the “niche power” approach to copywriting success. For many years, she has focused on the pet/veterinary industry, working with many companies who sell pet- or veterinary-related products and services.

Pam joined AWAI full-time in November 2015. In addition to her role as the Director of Copywriting Training, she’s an Instructor for AWAI’s Circle of Success, a recurring speaker at AWAI events, and a frequent writer of AWAI emails, articles, web/SEO content, and more.

In this lively video session, Pam Foster (an expert when it comes to niching yourself) teaches you how to properly choose your perfect niche by combining your individual passions, background, and income goals.

Her proven approach will help you quickly make a confident choice, declare your niche, and start attracting clients in an industry you enjoy.

Together with Pam, you will…

  • Discover the biggest benefits of choosing a niche… most of which are completely overlooked by today’s marketers.
  • Dig into five exciting clues on what makes a great niche (in the eyes of your potential copywriting clients).
  • Take real-world tours of niche copywriter websites and LinkedIn profiles to get ideas on how to market yourself.
  • Learn how to find great clients in your new niche by looking over Pam’s shoulder as she investigates three potential niches right before your eyes!
  • Explore the absolute BEST niche for you. Using Pam’s handy (and proven) Personal Inventory Worksheet, you’ll review potential niches and make a niche decision with complete confidence.
  • Choose your niche once and for all!

Whether you’re trying to narrow down your options or discover today’s hottest niches, Pam knows the answer.

That’s because, over the years, she has coached hundreds of AWAI members on how to choose a copywriting niche… and she will do the same for you.

And, get this — just by completing Step 1 (choosing a niche), you’ll be well on your way to completing Step 2…

Step 2: “Create a Powerful Marketing Message”
with Nick Usborne

Our next expert, Nick Usborne, says there are three words that will completely transform how you promote your freelance business and how you feel about marketing…

What are they?

“Love your message!”

And, that’s exactly what Nick shows you how to do…

Instead of pitching your skills to potential clients, you’ll craft a powerful marketing message that will be easy (and fun!) to share.

This is how Nick started writing web copy way back in 1998. He literally had nothing… no website… zero clients… and not a single writing sample.

But, he had a message he loved.

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI

Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne is an online copywriter and site optimization expert with more than 20 years of experience online.

As a direct-response copywriter, Nick wrote for companies like Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Apple, Chrysler, Citibank, and others. In all, he won 15 awards for his direct-response work, both in Europe and North America.

Since 1998, he has been working exclusively on marketing online and is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the subject of writing for the Web.

The list of companies for which he has written online copy includes MSN, The Getty Trust, Wells Fargo Bank, the U.S. Navy, The New York Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Disney, Intuit, and America Online.

Nick is also a much-sought-after speaker and trainer. He has spoken at dozens of online marketing conferences, both in the U.S. and Europe. He has also conducted in-house web copywriting training seminars for companies as diverse as Yahoo!, John Deere, Novartis Pharma, the Association of American Publishers, the National Cancer Institute, Merck & Co., Inc., the Public Radio Internet Station Alliance, and many other companies and organizations.

You see, he noticed that companies were “writing” their website copy by cutting and pasting from their print material. At the time, they didn’t realize how ineffective their approach was… but Nick did.

So, his message became: “Writing for the Web is different.”

When potential clients heard his message, they were immediately curious and didn’t even ask about his qualifications or experience.


Because they believed his message.

Now, he’ll show you how to do the same…

During his presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Uncover a message that gives you a clear direction, sets you apart from other writers, and increases your value.
  • Deploy your new message across all your marketing materials — from your LinkedIn profile to your website.
  • Use your message to start conversations with key prospects who want to work with you (and only you) based on what you say.
  • Remove all pressure of “selling yourself” by making your value clear in your message.
  • Build your marketing message into an asset that offers true “brand value.”
  • And much more.

Then, we’ll get into the really juicy stuff — the strategies and tactics that make clients come to you…

Discover the Secrets Pros Use to Get Clients Coming to Them
When it comes to “finding clients,” you have two choices…

  1. Outbound marketing — meaning you go to the clients
  2. Inbound marketing — meaning the clients come to you

And, the difference is profound.

When prospective clients come to you because of your niche and unique message, they don’t want to work with just “anyone”… they want to work with you. That means they’ll value you more — resulting in higher project fees and increased confidence.

So, let’s make that happen!

Step 3: “Build Your LinkedIn Profile”
with Ilise Benun

With LinkedIn, it only takes a few hours to create a professional presence on the Internet… where more than 106 million active LinkedIn users can view your profile, connect with you, and contact you for their next big project.

Best of all, because LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking, it’s the perfect tool for bringing clients to you. Here are real-life examples…

“LinkedIn has been huge for me. I have thousands of companies at my fingertips. The clients on LinkedIn seem to be very direct and clear in what they want or don’t want, which is nice for me,” explains Lacey Jackson, who began her alternative health copywriting business in March 2016.

“To me, LinkedIn connections, and the potential there, feels like opening up a fire hydrant. There is tremendous potential for any number of copywriting projects from any number of sources,” adds Sherri Caldwell, who launched her copywriting career in January 2016.

“LinkedIn is 100% business. Armed with a good profile and effective networking skills, a freelancer can get good clients there. I’ve had several contact me because of my profile.” says Steve Maurer, AWAI’s LinkedIn Correspondent.

To navigate and master the power of this “client-attracting magnet,” you’ll hear from self-marketing and LinkedIn expert extraordinaire, Ilise Benun.

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI

Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun is the founder of Marketing-Mentor.com, the go-to online resource for creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets. She’s been self-employed for all but three years of her working life, and enjoys helping freelancers and creative professionals thrive when it comes to promoting their services.

Throughout her 30-year career, Ilise has conducted workshops and given presentations for national and international trade organizations, including — the American Marketing Association, International Association of Business Leaders, American Consultants League, and the Business Marketing Association.

She has developed courses and programs on freelancing, marketing, and pricing for The Freelancers Union, CreativeLive, HOW Design University, including her latest, AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects.

She’s also publishes a free email newsletter, Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor, and has authored numerous books and electronic marketing tools, such as The Pick a Niche Kit, The 30-Minutes a Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals, Stop Pushing Me Around: A Workplace Guide for the Timid, Shy and Less Assertive; The Art of Self Promotion; and co-authored Public Relations for Dummies, 2nd Edition with Eric Yaverbaum and Bob Bly.

Her work has been featured in national publications such as The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, The Washington Post, and more.

You’ll learn:

  • How to put together a professional LinkedIn Profile to promote your copywriting business
  • The three most important elements of your profile
  • How to use your profile to be found when clients search for your services

Here’s an added bonus: Just by completing your LinkedIn page, you’ll create a valuable sample of your writing!

Don’t forget: When you’re finished setting up your LinkedIn profile, send it in. We’ll give it a solid review and suggest anything you can do to improve your profile.

Bonus #1: “Why NOW is a great time to invest in and to experiment with clients!”

Now that Ilise showed you how to craft an amazing, client-attracting LinkedIn profile, she’s also agreed to do something special.

She’s going to hold a LIVE webinar training event where she’ll talk about how what we are all going through is impacting businesses everywhere. You’ll learn…

  • What companies are going through right now (their mindset),
  • How you can best help them based on what they’re going through,
  • How to frame your marketing messages during this time.
  • And much more…

Whether you’re already working with clients or are just starting out, your copywriting skills are in demand.

You’ll discover different ways writers can go about reaching out to companies, large and small, who need your help right now.

Ilise will challenge you to ‘think outside the box’ and show you how to offer your services in ways that will benefit their business right now — and in the future.

Step 4: “Develop Your Information Kit”
with Bob Bly

Up next, Bob Bly, an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 40 years of experience, will lead you through developing one of his most powerful strategies for getting clients: a “copywriting information kit.”

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI

Bob Bly

Bob Bly is a professional writer, speaker, and marketing consultant with four decades of experience in Business-to-Business, high-tech, and direct-response marketing.

He has written copy for over 100 clients including Network Solutions, ITT Fluid Technology, Medical Economics, Intuit, Business & Legal Reports, and Brooklyn Union Gas… and has won numerous industry awards.

Bob is the author of more than 100 published books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha Books) and The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt & Co.). His articles have appeared in numerous publications such as DM News, Writer’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Inside Direct Mail, and Bits & Pieces for Salespeople.

A master of getting clients and business-building, Bob is extremely generous in sharing his expertise with aspiring copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs. To date, he has hired at least a dozen AWAI members to help him in his own publishing ventures.

Bob is always a top-rated speaker at any event, offering entertaining and informative presentations on many different aspects of direct marketing.

An information kit is essentially a letter to your potential client, including an overview of your freelance writing business. It gives you a huge advantage because it helps you get more leads and convinces prospects to hire you — before you even speak with them.

As Bob says, “I can attribute literally millions of dollars in sales of my copywriting services to having a great information kit!”

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • What makes a great copywriting information kit and why you absolutely must have one — even if you already have a killer website.
  • If charging a small fee for your kit improves the quality of the clients who contact you… The answer may surprise you.
  • What works best for information kits — PDF, hard copy, or both?
  • The five key elements every copywriting information kit must contain.
  • An easy way to boost your kit’s value and get more prospects asking for it.
  • Five marketing tactics that never fail to generate sales leads.
  • How to use “lead magnets” to double response to your copywriting kit.
  • And much more.

Plus, you’ll get an easy-to-edit template — just plug in your information and you’re good to go — and a copy of Bob’s actual information kit. Yes, this is the same kit that he’s used to generate copywriting projects worth millions of dollars.

Now we’re halfway through our eight steps… and — because each step builds on the one before it — the rest will seem quite easy.

You already confirmed your niche, developed your message, set up your LinkedIn profile, and created your marketing content.

Now, let’s set up your home on the Internet…

Step 5: “Launch a Professional Website”
with Rebecca Matter

Another important piece — perhaps the most important piece — of your inbound marketing strategy is your website…

  • First, it’s your online portfolio… whether you have samples or not, your website copy itself serves as an excellent example of your writing.
  • Next, it’s the perfect way to get “found”… meaning when potential clients in your niche are searching online for a freelance writer, they can find you (and we’ll show you how!).
  • And finally, your website gives your potential clients a low-pressure way to learn more about you and connect with you… via a contact form, phone number, email address, or social media.

In this session, you’ll hear from me, Rebecca Matter. I’ll reveal my headache-free method for building a freelance website… one that enhances and improves your credibility, the quality of the clients who contact you, and the professional rates you earn…

We’ll start with the copy on your website. Thanks to the sessions you completed in Steps 1-4, you’re 95% finished!

So, in this session, I’ll lay out all your content options — and explain how to get plenty of relevant content for your site — without doing a ton of writing at first.

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI
Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter, the President of AWAI, is a marketer with over two decades of experience in publishing and direct-marketing. Rebecca has spearheaded successful million-dollar campaigns for countless products, both online and off, and has spoken and written on topics ranging from getting and working with clients to successful web marketing strategies.

Rebecca recognizes the tremendous opportunities available to people who know how to write persuasively. She’s dedicated herself to keeping AWAI members ahead of the curve… and in demand… by creating cutting-edge programs on the most marketable writing skills today.

Her latest ventures, Wealthy Web Writer and B2B Writing Success, give readers the tools, tips, and techniques they need to write effective copy, identify new revenue streams for their businesses, find and work with new clients, and make a very good living as a professional copywriter.

Then, I’ll show you my proven exercise for writing compelling content that reflects you, your unique talents, and your unique skills. (Don’t worry if you haven’t yet identified your talents and skills — in this session, we’ll talk about how to uncover them.)

You’ll learn what pages your website should have, exactly what to say on each page, and what “content” will attract prospective clients to your brand-new website. We’ll even look at sample websites — both good ones and some not-so-good ones.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get my time-tested “Content Essentials Guide,” where we’ll cover the specific content you need, based on the type of copy you write…

We’ll cover Copywriting, Web Writing, Business-to-Business (B2B), Internet Research, Resume Writing, Grant Writing, Photography, Social Media, and more!

By following the suggestions in this comprehensive, handy guide — along with the templates and Swipe Files — you’ll have all kinds of new and exciting ideas for building out your website’s content. We’ll even talk about what to do if you’re just starting out and have zero samples or little to no experience.

By the end of this session, you’ll feel 100% confident (and excited) about getting your website up and running.

Now we just need to build a site to showcase your content…

Step 6: Get Clients Faster Through “Warm Email Prospecting”
with Ed Gandia

Like many beginning copywriters, when Ed Gandia first started out, he struggled to land great clients.

But all that changed when he discovered a simplified process for making it far less intimidating and much more “doable.”

His firsthand experiences — with his easy-to-replicate solutions — will save you years of struggle because he’s going to give you his exact process…

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI
Ed Gandia

Ed Gandia is a sought-after B2B copywriter, author, speaker, and coach. His current and past copywriting clients include Autodesk, CDC Software, Constructware, Stibo Systems, ToolWatch, Aldata System, and more than a dozen other enterprise software companies.

Ed’s latest book, The Wealthy Freelancer, was named a Top 10 Small Business Book by Small Business Trends.

Ed is also the author of several popular AWAI programs, including Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living by Helping Clients Tell Their Stories and How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees. He also runs the popular website www.InternationalFreelancersAcademy.com, where he publishes free training every month.

His insights, rants, and psychobabble have been featured in Inc. Magazine, CNN Radio, CBS Radio News, The Christian Science Monitor, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, DM News, AirTran Airways’ Go magazine, and The Writer, among others.

I’ll let Ed explain:

“I call it ‘Warm Email Prospecting.’ Mainly, because it’s the opposite of cold calling. And it’s very different from your standard, generic email prospecting.

“This is NOT mass emailing. It’s NOT about sending newsletters or trying to automate your prospecting. It’s the opposite of all that.

“Think of Warm Email Prospecting as ‘artisan prospecting.’ Each email must be personally handcrafted and written for one person only.

“When done right, a warm email positions you as a knowledgeable professional with a very relevant and timely message.

“It’s one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to attract and land high-quality clients — without the unpleasantness of cold calling or the costs and time requirements involved with most traditional marketing tactics.”

In this nuts-and-bolts session, you’ll discover:

  • Why Ed’s “Warm Email Prospecting” Formula is the most reliable and sustainable outreach strategy for freelancers today.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates and powerful email samples you can model.
  • A proven, repeatable process that turns prospecting from a dreadful chore into an enjoyable habit.

After Ed’s session, you’ll know exactly how to use simple emails to land a steady stream of clients.

Ed says Warm Email Prospecting has been a game changer for him… I know it will be for you, too.

Of course, once you get a client interested in your services, you need to know how to close the deal. That’s where our next expert, Joshua Boswell, comes in…

Step 7: “How to Close Clients”
with Joshua Boswell

In 2004, Joshua Boswell’s business folded. He was left $200,000 in debt and seriously concerned about how he would take care of his family. That’s when he found AWAI and borrowed $50 from his brother to get the first installment of The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting…

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI
Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell is a speaker, coach, copywriter, and trainer intensely focused on helping copywriters live the writer’s life.

He is the secret weapon that technology companies turn to for their marketing success when it comes to breaking into new industries and launching new technologies. Joshua’s copywriting clients include companies such as Sony, Microsoft, GM, Verizon, Google, Toshiba, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Catholic Relief Fund, Agora Publishing, and AWAI, just to name a few.

In the changing economic climate, Joshua has begun working almost exclusively with smaller, online companies. Within four months of making this change, he’s increased his own client base and revenues by 300%… without increasing his time commitment. In the end, his copywriting success allows him to spend more time with his wife Margie and their 11 beautiful children. And for Joshua, that’s really what it’s all about.

“I swear, every time I hear Joshua speak, I get all fired up! Just knowing that he also felt fear and insecurity when he first started — but was able to push through it anyways — is very powerful. There was so much useful, specific information I know I can put into action starting today. Just listening to Joshua inspires me to push through those invisible barriers of doubt. His techniques make sense and are completely ‘do-able.’”

Just 11 months later, after creating a system for bringing in work he loved, Joshua established himself as a copywriter and earned a six-figure income.

Today, Joshua says, “My income increases every year… our debt is completely paid off… and I live the writer’s life every day to the fullest.”

Joshua now supports his family very comfortably — making well into the six-figures. Now, he has set his income goal even higher: $1 million a year.

Even more impressively, he does it all from his home in Kansas City, working less than full-time. His wife and kids are just down the hall, homeschooling.

Joshua says, “If a blockhead like me can make this work, then I have no doubt YOU can do it, too!”

So, what’s his secret?

Joshua built his business by doing all the things you’ll learn in the Virtual Business Building Intensive. In his power-packed session, Joshua shows you how it all comes together — into a business that easily attracts (and closes) high-paying clients.

You’ll discover:

  • Joshua’s exact process (that he’s used time and time again) to create trust, close clients, and start getting paid work fast.
  • How to land as many paying clients as you can handle — with complete confidence!
  • The three-step method he used to quickly land a $2,000/month contract that lasted for more than two years and helped him actively build his portfolio and find other clients.

Whether you’re connecting with a potential client by phone, email, or in person, you’ll know exactly what to say to create trust and land paid work fast.

So, now you might be wondering…

This is great. I’ll know how to find and land clients… but what should I charge?

Well, wonder no more. We have that covered for you, too…

Step 8: “Establish Your Fee Schedule”
with Ilise Benun

Now, Ilise Benun — our client-getting expert, who taught you all about LinkedIn in Step 3 and in the LIVE Bonus Session #1 — is back again! This time, she’ll wipe out all your money concerns for good.

You see, to ensure your freelance business is successful, you need to know how to price your services (with confidence!) so you get paid what you deserve.

For more than 25 years, Ilise has worked with major “A-list” writers — like our very own Bob Bly — to develop foolproof tactics for negotiating smart deals for writing work.

You couldn’t ask for a better trainer when it comes to pricing your services accurately and talking about money with confidence.

Here’s an example. Ilise spoke at one of our FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamps. One of the attendees, Becky Stark Tumidolsky, used Ilise’s advice to immediately seal a deal for DOUBLE what she’d planned to charge before seeing the session.

Watch as Ilise reveals:

  • What to say (and never say) when someone asks, “What do you charge?”
  • How to figure out what you need to charge
  • How to find out what your prospects can pay
  • How to control the money conversation
  • Why you should stop asking for the client’s budget.

Plus, you’ll get Ilise’s simple fill-in-the-blank recipe for determining the minimum rate you should be charging for ANY project…

And, AWAI’s latest Copywriting Pricing Guide which lists price ranges for the top 75 writing projects in the direct-response industry today.

If you’ve ever struggled with writing winning proposals or getting your pricing right, those times are over!

By the time Ilise finishes her presentation, you’ll be able to confidently communicate to your clients: “I’m a professional who knows what I’m worth!”

And, we’re not done yet…

Bonus: 16 Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business
Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, and More

Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business Cover
Access to AWAI’s complete program, Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business, will remove all the guesswork from running your freelance business…

Whether you need project management templates, a proposal, an invoice, legal agreements, or pricing terms, it’s all there.

For Steve Maurer, AWAI Circle of Success Member, these templates proved essential when he was just starting out.

Here’s what Steve said:

“When I first began building my business, I was at a loss for words when interviewing a prospect. You know the feeling. You want them to call… but what if they DO!

“What will I say? Will I look like a newbie? Yikes!”

Steve went on to say:

“The first time I used a template to guide a call, the client couldn’t stop talking. She got that excited. They probably gave me information they didn’t realize or intend to divulge.

“And I looked like a pro. Using the New Prospect Intake Checklist, I asked the questions… the right questions. And the person who asks the questions owns the call.”

In this bonus, you’ll get the same exact checklist Steve used, plus… every essential, professional-quality template you need to manage your flood of new writing projects. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find:

  • A Project Proposal Template that helps you present your fee and gives you the best chance of getting hired — every time.
  • A Project Terms of Agreement to set clear terms and boundaries — the right way — so your clients know exactly what to expect from working with you.
  • An Invoice Template to simplify the process of getting paid for your work. Just fill in your information and send!
  • A Project Time Frames Reference Sheet for determining how long a project will take… so you can set your prices correctly, set client expectations, and deliver your projects on time.
  • Testimonial Request and Approval Templates so you can gather effective client testimonials and use them to increase the credibility in the copy you write.

Plus, 11 more templates like the Copywriting Quality Checklist, to prevent potentially embarrassing mistakes in your copy, and the Referral Request Template to improve your odds of winning new and repeat clients.

With these 16 easy-to-customize templates, your clients will see you as a true professional — whether you’re working on your first project, or your hundredth.

Have Complete Confidence Every Step of the Way

I can’t begin to tell you how confident you’ll feel to learn from true professionals who have “been there, done that”…

With their help, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your business gets up and running. And you’ll know — without a doubt — that you’ve done every step correctly.

Here’s how we’ll ensure your success…

  • Personal and Professional Feedback — There’s just something about having a professional tell you, “Great job. You have what it takes!” It gives you an extra jolt of confidence and enthusiasm that can propel you right on to success. As you complete your LinkedIn profile, Information Kit, and freelance website, send them in for personalized feedback. We’ll review your submissions and tell you exactly how to improve.
  • Templates, Proposals, Invoices, and more! On top of all the checklists and worksheets you’ll get from the experts.

I’m telling you, there’s just no way you can lose with this.

If you’re serious about building your business…

I mean, if you’ll spend a few hours each week watching the sessions and, if you’ll follow the expert’s step-by-step directions to implement each piece…

And, if you’ll ask questions when you have them, submit your assignments for feedback, and make revisions when needed…

You WILL literally build a profitable business in 30 days (or less)!

So, are you ready?

Start Today… and Finally Launch a Successful Writing Business in 30 Days

Register Now to Take the Guesswork Out of Your Business Success

I can’t emphasize enough just how simple we’re going to make this…

And maybe that’s a little scary… especially if you haven’t worked with a client before.

But, as Steve Maurer found out, there’s nothing to fear…

“One minute I was worried that I’d never get hired to write. The next… I was worried about what would happen if I did.

“If I never got hired, I would never realize my dream of the writer’s life. But if I did, I might fall flat on my face. My dream would go up in smoke again!

“What a dilemma!

“But after finding the solution, my fears began to dissipate, and the awareness that I could be a successful freelance writer became real.

“Once I accepted the reality and worked to make it happen, clients did start finding me. I did write successfully for them. And one more thing happened that really boosted my confidence.

“Clients began referring to me as a professional.”

Now, Steve has increased his overall annual income by 50 percent — just by writing copy “on the side.”

He does it all from home, working with clients from around the world, on his own schedule.

And, you can, too!

Let us make building your business positively effortless. It’s exactly why we created the Virtual Business Building Intensive; to take out all the guesswork.

We can’t wait to meet you!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI

President, AWAI
Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 By AWAI, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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