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Video Traffic Academy By James Wedmore & Lewis Howes – Instant Download!

Grow your business FAST! Get easy traffic, leads and sales with the world’s 3rd largest site — YouTube!

James Wedmore here. Are you looking to automate your business? Tired of struggling to make ends meet month by month and ready to find that breakthrough you are looking for? Of course you are.
You are about to discover the biggest reason why YouTube is one of the best ways to become the go-to person in your industry, automate ongoing traffic to your site, and grow your business fast!
Many consider me one of the top YouTube marketing people in the business, and companies pay me top dollar just to get an hour of my time to share my secrets. Make sure to watch this brand new video above until the end and learn the step-by-step process on how to finally leverage YouTube (the right way) to dominate search engines, get massive traffic and leads to your site.

Your business will fail if you don’t start using video and YouTube today.

You already know smart businesses are using social media to grow their business–but most of these businesses DO NOT know how to properly use YouTube to grow their business the EASY WAY.
There is a small group of smart business owners that HAVE learned the secret to leveraging YouTube along with their other online marketing… and profited big time because of it!
In fact, my business has generated millions of dollars in sales directly from YouTube and social media.
There is no question that YouTube has made thousands of corporate businesses, small businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, freelancers and more…Millions and Millions of dollars. It’s kinda crazy how many people have quit their jobs because of YouTube, and have finally started following their passions by building an audience to monetize their businesses directly.

It’s now clear that…
You can no longer afford to ignore video marketing.

  • YouTube is the world’s 3rd most-visited website!
  • YouTube is considered the number two search engine right behind Google (people want video answers!)
  • YouTube videos are indexed inside Google’s search results!
  • YouTube now receives over 3 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!
  • YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views per day!

Implement our 3-step process and start reaping results like our clients.

Video Traffic Academy By James Wedmore & Lewis Howes


Video Traffic Academy By James Wedmore & Lewis Howes

Turning Your Simple Videos into Traffic-Pulling
Machines is as Simple as One…Two…Three with Video Traffic Academy!

You don’t need to be a technical wiz behind the camera, or an Academy Award-Winning actor in front of the camera to get amazing results with Video Traffic Academy. You will discover our simple, three step strategy for generating massive traffic, qualified leads and profitable customers.
When you see these simple, yet powerful, techniques you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t using them.

You Are About To Receive…


Jump right in an begin laying the foundation for success. This includes doing the proper market & keyword research in your industry to reverse-engineer how to successfully drive video traffic straight to your website!

  • Discover exactly why 9 out of 10 business owners fail when attempting to use video
  • Learn the secret sauce of effective campaigns that you can effortlessly model yourself
  • Uncover the profitable keywords and search terms to rank your videos for maximum exposure

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube now receives over 3 billion daily views?


Once you discover how to develop the right traffic-getting strategy, you’ll be able to see rapid results with YouTube!

  • Quickly and Easily Learn the Four Essential Pillars of YouTube success!
  • Develop your customized Video Strategy for profit and success
  • Uncover how to Easily Carve Out Your Niche as an authority with the power of video

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s 3rd most visited website?


Once you have a laser-sharp strategy in place, creating simple and engaging videos is a piece of cake! However, there are certain essential ingredients that all of your videos will need if you want to see a rapid increase in views and traffic!

  • Discover the secrets to a GREAT video & the essential ingredients you must include in all of yours
  • Uncover the best software, hardware and other tools that help make your videos a reality and your life a little easier!
  • Discover how to get the same results WITHOUT even being in front of the camera
  • Take the simple step-by-step procedure for video creation and outsource the whole thing for pennies

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views per day?


Once you’ve completed your videos, you’ll need a step-by-step Upload and Optimization Process. Module #4 is designed to cover all the bases for getting your video optimized and broadcasted online the RIGHT way!

  • Discover the Secrets of Proper Channel Optimization
  • Crack the Code to YouTube’s Video-Ranking Criteria
  • Get Access to the Step-By-Step Video Upload & Optimization Checklist

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube videos are indexed inside Google’s search results?


Once your videos are broadcasted and live for the World to see, it’s time to promote them, push them up the rankings, and perform all the steps necessary to get your videos more views and traffic!

  • Discover exactly what to do AFTER your video has been uploaded to experience better results
  • Follow the Tested & Proven 13-Step Process Map for Skyrocketing your Video Views
  • Uncover the advanced and underground traffic strategies I’ve been using for years that work like a charm!

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube is considered the #2 Search Engine right behind Google?

You’re also about to receive these valuable bonuses

Video Traffic Academy’s Video Resource Library is your one-stop shop for instant access to everything you need to BOOST the quality and “wow-factor” for all your videos! Including…

  • Animated Call-to-Action Video Bumpers
  • Branded Video Templates
  • +300 PLR Background Music

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube is the 3rd most visited website??

This Video Bonus Guide will show you how to manage your online business and keep your productivity and 110% all the time with the help of outsourcing. This insight-packed video explains…

  • Why running a “one-man shoW” isn’t the ideal situation for optimum productivity
  • How to do less, and earn more
  • Where to find quality virtual assistants that can explode your business

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube mobile gets over 100 millions views per day?

Do you have a face built for radio? Do you freeze up at the thought of stepping in front of a camera? No problem! You can still take full advantage of all the great traffic-getting techniques by creating videos without you in them! There are several different “faceless videos”, including…

  • Puppet Videos
  • Powerpoint/Keynote Videos
  • Typographic Videos
  • Public Domain Videos
  • PLR Videos
  • Scribe Videos

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube videos are indexed inside Google’s search results?

Want to drive traffic and make an income online WITHOUT owning or creating your own product? This simple-to-follow video training bonus shows you exactly…

  • How to uncover profitable niches and products that sell well on YouTube
  • How to make simple videos in less than 5 minutes and optimize them for the right keywords
  • How to instantly turn your views into affiliate commissions

And much, much more!

Did you know that YouTube mobile gets over 100 millions views per day?


Forget all the theory and fluff! These simple to follow process maps show you (or someone on your team) the exact steps to follow when uploading and promoting each of your videos in order to maximize your traffic and exposure. You get…

  • The Video-Optimization Process Map
  • The View-Getting, Traffic-Pulling Process Map

Did you know that YouTube videos are indexed inside Google’s search results?

This Program is for You
You are in business for many reasons–to create a dream lifestyle, to help others, to express your drive for success–as well as others. Video Traffic Academy is for you…

The Entrepreneur
You’ve recently created your own business, or you’ve been at it for awhile, and are looking to increase your exposure, leads and sales. You want to know more about YouTube marketing so you can do it yourself, or at least know how to do it so you can then hand it over to someone on your team to execute.

The Marketer
You work for a business and are responsible for or involved with your company’s online presence. You want to know what to do, how to do it and how to get results so you can increase your company’s bottom line (and show upper management that YouTube marketing is working for your programs and services).

The Business Owner
You own a business, you have some YouTube marketing knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you once you fully understand how your business can claim it’s place there. You might not do it all yourself, but you know you need to understand it first before you hand it off to someone else to manage.

Just Getting Started
You know YoutTube is important, but you have no clue where to start or what to do. This program works for beginners and also works for those who have been using YouTube for awhile. Our baby-step instructions make it easy for anyone to succeed. You will instantly know what strategies to implement to get real results quickly!

Hundreds of businesses are benefitting from our system

“From start to finish James helped take my ideas and transformed them into financial success. His expertise in video and marketing has helped me develop, position and market my idea into a stellar product and has been a complete pleasure. His attention to detail, cutting edge ideas and fast implementation was easy and enjoyable.
Thanks James, for holding my hand every step of the way and showing me how to make my product and my message a reality with the power of video!”

Lori Pinkerton

“I love working with James, because he really knows his stuff and there’s no one better at getting real results when it comes to video.
Not only is he ‘wicked smart,’ as we say in Boston, but James also has a knack for making things – even video – seem simple. Plus, the guy consistently over-delivers. If you get the chance to work or learn with him, by all means, jump on it! James = genius!”

Lou Bortone

“James is a true video ninja! The techniques he teaches in his Video Traffic Academy go above and beyond what I’ve seen in other online video marketing courses.
I’ve personally seen the 13-step video aftermath process map and that alone is worth the price of admission. His proven system is absolutely brilliant and super-simple to follow!”

Hani Mourra

Why Your Video Traffic Academy Course is Different
Most video courses simply focus on creating great looking videos or getting your videos noticed at YouTube. Your VTA 2.0 course is going to do that as well. But VTA 2.0 is is not only going to do that, it’s going to teach you something crucial to your success other courses leave out.
No other course on the market even comes close.

Video Traffic Academy By James Wedmore & Lewis Howes, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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