TIffany Sharpe – Fodder School 1

Fodder School make collage fodder . . . use collage fodder . . . repeat!

We are SO excited to continue to offer you Fodder School 1 . . . an incredible, unique opportunity that we delivered for new and experienced mixed media artists everywhere.

With Fodder School 1 you will have instant access to 11 months of Fodder School content: the make fodder lessons, use fodder projects and all of the amazing bonus lessons.

If you don’t know this already, handmade collage fodder is THE SECRET to incredible mixed media art that is unmistakably YOURS.

Eleven Big Projects and lots of surprise bonuses!

Think incredible handmade books (including one to store your fodder!), amulets, prayer flags, ATCs (artist trading cards), tags, postcards, assemblages, planner pages, art journal spreads, and even framable fine art for your walls.

We’ve seen this ourselves with our own art: what starts to happen is the more handmade fodder you have at your fingertips, the more individual and unique the mixed media art is that you are able to create. Your colors, your marks, your hand, your eye, your taste. It’s all built into your collage fodder.

And the fodder that you’ve created in previous lessons? Well, that becomes a part of what you can build into the other projects as well. By the end of Fodder School 1, you will be a world class mixed media artist!

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