The Ones That know (zeussy_mmxm)

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The Ones That know (zeussy_mmxm)

The Ones That know (zeussy_mmxm)

About Course:

I provide detailed explanations for all of my trades, using both text and videos. Gain an exclusive glimpse into my internal thought process.

Trade breakdowns

All my trades are explained in great amount of detail. With text and video’s. Get an exclusive insight into my internal dialogue.

Discord community

TOTK is not only an educational platform. It is also a platform where likeminded individuals are able to connect.

Educational content

In The Ones That Know educational content gets shared in a very organised manner. Both lectures as study PDF’s get shared in which specific concepts get explained with a great amount of logic and examples. The knowledge levels of the lectures and PDF’s vary. Since each person is at a different stage in their understanding of price delivery, both basic as more advanced concepts get explained. This way novices and more advanced students are able to find great educational value in The Ones That Know.

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