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This book is intended to help you in many ways. I have written tips and suggestions to better your relationships with the women you meet, but I have also written language to affect your mood, and samples to place you in the first-person shoes of a pick up artist so you can learn within context. Layers exist here. Don’t read this book only once. Leave it on your computer, and re-read it from time to time, especially before you go out to meet women.

Much of the book is written as a dialogue between two potential lovers, punctuated with insights into the interactions. You will never find yourself in the same conversation twice, and while you are welcome to use the words verbatim, you will find it works best when you internalize the principals behind the words. That way you will be able to respond to what is given to you, and use her energy – good or bad – to direct the conversation towards building an enjoyable, intimate interaction. Meditate on these principals. But don’t try to put everything into practice at once – try one thing one night and something else the next day. When it clicks, you will know it. Most importantly, continue to learn, improvise and develop your own personality. There is no way to cover every situation or every outcome in this material, but with enough experience, you will handle women, cold and sweet alike, with confidence.

The sample interaction section contains a culmination of situations and people who I have experienced while pursuing the art of connecting with women. Except for Elvis, resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidence. Thanks and have a good read, Wayne Elise (Juggler)

About Author:

Real Name: Wayne Elise
Affiliation: Charisma Arts
Website: http://www.charismaarts.com/

Wayne Elise, aka “Juggler” is an instructor of pickup and conversational skills. Wayne was one of the first pickup “gurus” to hold in-field seminars, when he created a company called “Seduction Arts” (later renamed “Charisma Arts”) back in 2001.

Wayne’s style of pickup differs from other early gurus such as Mystery, in that it doesn’t rely on canned material or routines. Instead, the Juggler method focuses on how to have conversations where people open up to you, and how to make genuine emotional connections.

In 2006, Wayne Elise was featured on a British reality TV program called Seduction School: Size Doesn’t Matter, in which he taught three clueless guys how to meet and approach women.

Wayne Elise (aka “Juggler”) is the founder of Charisma Arts and a master of conversational game. Juggler is a pickup artist in San Francisco and has made several media appearances including a documentary on UK television. He is the owner of Charisma Arts.

Juggler is a veteran of the pickup scene. Juggler’s collected wisdom is available in a book called simply ‘The Juggler Method‘ or ‘Conversational Jujitsu‘. This was a good one-stop-shop for Juggler’s take on seduction practice.

[Juggler] intrigued me. He advised AFCs to overcome their shyness by trying to talk a homeless person into giving them a quarter?He told others to challenge themselves and intentionally make pickups more difficult by saying they work d as trash collectors and drove ’86 Impalas.

Juggler Quotes

There is pride involved in being a pickup artist. It is a challenge. I have performer friends who can explode on stage like samurai and kill five hundred people, but they are afraid to approach a girl in a bar. I don’t blame them. Most audiences are horny to be fucked. They want it hard and deep. But the girl sitting on the barstool is more difficult. She is scarier. She is the five hundred pound gorilla in a little black dress. And she can bust you up, if you let her. But she is also horny to be fucked. We are all horny to be fucked.