THE HERBAL ACADEMY – Introductory Herbal Course

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THE HERBAL ACADEMY – Introductory Herbal Course


Have you ever wished you could start your journey into herbalism, but felt you didn’t have the time, resources, or opportunity?

Our affordable and convenient self-paced online program gives students with little or no herbal experience a glimpse into the world of herbs, kindling an enthusiasm for a lifelong path of learning. By the end of the Introductory Herbal Course, you will understand the ways in which the herbal approach can support radiant wellness, and you will feel more comfortable AND excited about making and using your own teas, tinctures, and body care products.

Get ready to mix up new recipes in the kitchen, use spices and herbs you never knew had wellness-promoting properties, and walk away inspired to pursue your herbal studies at the intermediate level and beyond!

Herbalism offers a window into a world that values and celebrates our connection with plants. If you are reading this, there is something in you yearning to rediscover this relationship — and you are likely looking for someone to guide you on this path of discovery. We are delighted to walk beside you while you begin your herbal journey, and to support you in getting the most out of your experience!

Perhaps you found your way here because you’ve been wondering about all those beautiful green weeds growing along roads and in your backyard. Ancient wisdom and natural beauty have been tugging at your heart and you’re naturally curious about how you can integrate these plants into your life. You don’t feel like you need someone pushing you to learn, because you believe the knowledge you gain is its own reward. You just seek guidance on how you can directly apply that knowledge to help you become your healthiest and happiest self.

The Introductory Herbal Course is your online self study program!

Our intention for this self-paced herbal course is to give those of you new to herbalism a taste of a holistic approach to wellness and vitality supported by herbs. This introductory level class will teach you how to integrate herbs into your daily life and how to make herbal preparations and body care products for daily care and common ailments. You’ll learn the properties of familiar herbs and spices (as well as those not yet familiar to you) and explore their wellness-supporting uses. The engaging lessons, beautiful presentation, and sound knowledge will delight the learner in you and instill an appreciation for the gifts herbalism has to offer, inspiring your future studies as well.