THE HERBAL ACADEMY – Advanced Herbal Course

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THE HERBAL ACADEMY – Advanced Herbal Course


It is time to take your herbal studies to a professional level! The Advanced Herbal Course has been designed to prepare students working toward a career as professional herbalists. This program will also benefit healthcare practitioners and students looking to grow in their holistic health careers, and those interested in expanding on their Intermediate Herbal Course studies, developing herbal products businesses, and herbalism education. The Advanced Herbal Course has been designed with the type of academic rigor that will help develop the budding professional herbalist’s knowledge base and encourage critical thinking skills in preparation for the hands-on clinical training that is part and parcel to becoming a clinical herbalist.

There comes a time when a student of herbalism begins to ask: Have I found my life’s path? Have I found the trail I would like to follow further and explore as a means to sustain myself? Could these studies in fact enhance – or change the direction of – my career?

  • Perhaps you already know your answer is a resounding YES!
  • Perhaps you are still asking these questions.
  • Perhaps you have completed our Online Introductory and Intermediate Courses in herbalism and are looking for more forward progress in your herbal practice.
  • Perhaps you are already a registered herbalist and are looking for a means to further your professional development, at your own pace.
  • Perhaps you are a healthcare professional looking to round out your skills with an understanding of the role that herbs have played across continents for generations and continue to play in supporting health and well being of the human biome, as well as the history of herbalism.

Regardless of your background, the Herbal Academy is here to help you take your studies to a professional level. We bring you a solid and challenging online multimedia Advanced Herbal Course. We have pooled together some of the most brilliant and well-known educators and authors, as well as clinical and folk herbalists from both the United States and abroad to teach you these lessons in advanced herbalism.

Renowned herbalists such as ABC Board Member, HerbalGram contributing editor, and author Steven Foster; international lecturer, author, and herbalist Matthew Wood; American Herbalist Guild President Bevin Clare; and medical herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and author Anne McIntyre are joined by medical herbalist, writer, and educator Pamela Spence; medical herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner Steve Kippax; Emily Ruff, Executive Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living; Katheryn Langelier, Owner, Farmer, and Formulator at Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary; Medical Herbalist Erika Galentin; clinical herbalists Ayo Ngozi, Erin Smith, Joseph Mulhollen, Maureen Robertson, Chris Marano, Sara Rooney, Maria Noel Groves, Stephany Hoffelt, and Veda West; Herbal Academy Director Marlene Adelmann; Herbal Academy Assistant Director Jane Metzger; and many others who have come together to collaborate, providing a comprehensive herbal learning experience.


Follow our team of educators as they lead your herbalism studies by leaps and bounds further down your path in an approachable, affordable fashion. Our Advanced Herbal Course is designed to support the educational standard required for those interested in becoming a professional clinical herbalist. This curriculum has been designed with the type of academic rigor that will solidify your knowledge base and encourage the critical thinking skills necessary for the hands on clinical training that you will need to acquire to become a clinical herbalist. The program will teach you how to make thoughtful and thorough decisions about developing your career.

The Advanced Herbal Course opens with a unit on Herbal Wisdom Traditions which sets the stage for the entire course and incorporates the history and wisdom of various traditions of herbalism and how they have informed the art and science of Traditional Western Herbalism.