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Salepage : The Four Foundations of Intuitive Healing with Wendy De Rosa

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Wendy will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully put your past wounds behind you and step fully into the wholeness of your heart-calling, filling your life with meaning and purpose.

Each contemplation and training session — featuring 30 minutes of teaching and a 30-minute guided healing — will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain your heart to access your spiritual gifts.

Module 1: Introducing the 4 Foundations of Intuition


Many intuitive people are overly sensitive and empathetic because they are being called to step into their natural gifts; yet they need guidance to access their gifts in a grounded, sustainable way. There are four ways intuition works in the body: seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), and knowing (claircognizance). Having awareness of those four ways — and how they each correspond to your chakras — is foundational to being in your power with your intuition. Without this awareness come symptoms of ungrounding, loss in boundaries, taking on the energy of others, lack of trust in your intuition, and overwhelm from feeling so much.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • An overview of your energetic anatomy so you can bring more light into your body
  • The 4 foundations of intuition and their corresponding power centers or chakras
  • What type of intuitive you are
  • Why awareness of your intuitive type changes how you operate in the world
  • The difference between being a healer and a psychic, and why that’s so important to know
  • What “a calling” looks like on the energetic level, how you’re being called, and how you’re being asked to step more fully into your intuitive gifts

Guided Healing: You’ll be guided through an energy clearing to ground your body for so you can dive deeply into your power centers. Come prepared to go inward and journey through centering, clearing, and aligning in each session of this 7-part series.

Module 2: Rooting, Grounding & Re-parenting the Energy in Your First Chakra


Whether you’re clairsentient (empathic), clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant (or some combination of those four types), your ability to be clear in your boundaries and your gifts comes down to what’s happening in your root chakra. The energy you marinated in before the age of seven determines the level of unconscious hypervigilance you operate from in your daily life. For example, If your boundaries were crossed often, your subconscious energy body will continue allowing your boundaries to be crossed, which leads to challenges in clearly accessing your intuition. This module is a deep dive into clearing and releasing long-held beliefs, patterns and blocks that prevent your soul from grounding deeply in your body.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A clear understanding of how hypervigilance and oversensitivity are formed
  • How your belief systems and the energy you marinated in as a child contribute to why you may be taking on the energy of others
  • Why grounding is invaluable to intuition, and why it’s not easy for intuitives to be grounded
  • The relationship between subconscious fear in the root chakra and a child’s sense of self — and how that contributes to someone transitioning from being sensitive to overly sensitive
  • The role of the collective fear of intuition and how that suppression is a detriment to the health and wellbeing of an intuitive
  • How to shift the energy in your first chakra by increasing your power and your awareness of trust, safety, and your true Divine Self.

Guided Healing: You’ll be guided through a deep healing to ground and clear out subconscious fears held in the root chakra of your being. From there your spirit will ground more powerfully in your body, which supports healthy and clear intuition.

Module 3: Empathic Intuition How to Maintain Strong Boundaries & Stop Losing Your Self & Absorbing Others’ Energy


If you’re empathic, you don’t need to be taught intuitively how to feel energy; it comes automatically. The teaching is in how to retrain your body to create and maintain clear energetic boundaries so that being sensitive doesn’t include a perpetual crossing of these boundaries. You can then gain control of your empathic gift while being empowered in your body. Being overly empathic is a result of a loss of feminine power and emotional center in the second chakra, whether you’re male or female. In this module, you’ll explore what this means and how to regain power in this power center, so that conscious presence and boundaries can form.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Which chakras in the body relate to clairsentience and how knowing this will change your dynamic with taking on the energy of others
  • How to strengthen these power centers so that you can embody your light and maintain clear boundaries
  • Why being comfortable with your emotions shifts the dynamics in your personal relationships and who you attract into your life, including people who are attracted to your caretaking nature
  • How codependency relates to empathic intuition in the second chakra
  • How to shift the energetic pattern of being overly responsible so you can hold clearer energetic boundaries

Guided Healing: This guided healing includes a necessary release of others’ energies, and guidance on how to retrieve your power from the collective feminine that’s being suppressed in your second chakra.

Module 4: Seeing Intuitively Through Your Third Eye

Seeing intuitively includes seeing images within psychic visions. It also includes high perception and vivid dreaming — and did you know that visionaries (including many CEOs) actually have highly developed third eye centers? The third eye center, combined with the throat chakra, activates your unique genius channel, which is your pure expression of the Divine. Sometimes, too much mental stimulation or disconnection from the lower body can accelerate activity in the third eye, making it hard to feel clear. Clear vision strengthens as your spiritual and personal journey unfolds.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How clairvoyant intuition works in relationship with the sixth chakra
  • How what’s happening in the front and back side of your sixth chakra affects your visionary sense
  • Why it can be disruptive to prematurely blow open the third eye center
  • How visualizing engages the realm of possibility
  • What blocks typically form in the third eye center
  • What to do if the third eye feels too open, which can create difficulty in grounding and holding boundaries
  • What your genius channel is and where to focus in your third eye center to activate it

Guided Healing: This guided healing will take you on a journey to clear your mind and the blocks held in your sixth chakra. Blocks may include doubt and fears that have formed your perception. As these blocks clear, you’ll be guided into connecting more divinely to your higher self and higher vision.

Module 5: Hearing Intuitively Through the Throat Chakra

Clairaudience is often connected to hearing spirit guides and angels. Yet, clairaudience also includes hearing intuitively through words, voices, frequency, and sound — through music, mantras, spiritual downloads, etc. If this applies to you, it may be helpful to understand how your gift relates to the throat chakra — particularly the back side of the throat chakra. Hearing intuitively, combined with the intuitive gifts of the third eye, is the pathway through which your expression of genius activates.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How clairaudience works energetically in your throat chakra
  • How to tap into your higher genius in creative writing, speaking, and expression
  • They ways in which clairaudience strengthens your connection to the Divine
  • How wounds carried in the throat can block intuitive hearing and accelerate the monkey mind
  • The types of blocks stored in the throat chakra, how they relate to your entire chakra system, and how to clear them
  • Practices to strengthen your clairaudient sense

Guided Healing: You’ll be guided through a deep clearing to release blocks held in the throat chakra. Then you’ll be guided into the consciousness in the throat chakra to center, align, and practice hearing intuitively.

Module 6: Claircognizance Clear Knowing


Claircognizance is a metaphysical term for “knowing.” Examples include psychic “hits,” gut feelings, and a deep sense of knowing something you can’t logically know. In the energetic body, knowing can be felt in various areas, yet primarily it is an activation of the back side of the energetic anatomy. Understanding how claircognizance activates in the body can help you bring attention to that area to strengthen that feeling of knowing, as well as your connection to the Divine.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • What claircognizance is and how it works in the energetic body
  • How having claircognizance is an invitation to strengthen your connection to the Divine
  • How to strengthen your connection to the Divine so that knowing can replace fear and doubt
  • Practices to tap into knowing, and which power centers to focus on when tuning in

Guided Healing: You’ll be guided through a deep energy healing to activate the back side of the energetic system and nourish the soul consciousness to strengthen your sense of knowing.

Module 7: Integration & Expansion


Throughout our seven sessions of working together, you’ll have cleared out significant energetic blocks in your body to allow a greater presence of your spirit. This in itself promotes healthy and grounded intuition in all four of the foundational aspects. As you deepen consciousness in your body, more consciousness will awaken. Knowing how your intuition works within your body allows you to bring attention to those areas of your body that can increase your ability to intuit clearly, maintain clear boundaries, trust yourself, respond to what the Divine is asking of you, and live more empowered in the world. The healings offered in this program support you in your ability to expand the light of who you are and reflect this light in how you live your life.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to live in the world with healthy embodied intuition
  • How to protect your body’s natural way of being intuitive, without stifling it
  • The dynamics of expansion and why it’s so important that you continue to expand
  • How strengthening your intuition contributes to the rise of consciousness in the world on a cellular level
  • Practices to increase your light and the embodiment of your intuition in your daily life

Guided Meditation: You’ll be guided through a deep healing for integration, divine alignment, and activation of your light. This will close our process respectfully and appropriately so that you can take your newfound awareness into your life, while maintaining a sense of embodiment in your intuition.

The Intuitive Healing Bonus Collection

In addition to Wendy’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions and bonus materials. These bonus sessions complement the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.