The Chi Circulation Method By Sixty Skills


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How to move your energy with your mind

The Chi Circulation Method By Sixty Skills
The Chi Circulation Method By Sixty Skills

What you’ll learn

  • How to circulate energy
  • How to move energy with your mind
  • How energetic meditations work
  • How to perform energy work

Learning to move your energy with your mind is one of the oldest energy work techniques on record. It can be done fast or slow. For martial arts or healing. But what are the different ways to do this and why should you do this?

Sure, lots of people have heard of the macrocosmic/microcosmic orbits, but what do they really do? Are there other ways of circulating these energies? Who are the better people who practice this today?

All these questions and more will be answered.

Techniques that teach you how to move the energy from your feet to your hands, how to strengthen the movement of energy to your hands and even how to improve the speed of your movement from side to side will be revealed.

Initially taught at the speed of breath you will quickly learn how to accelerate this to match the speed of your mind. Training timelines and different methods will be discussed as well.

In short, a crash course in how to actively use the energy of your body by directing it with your mind will be made available to you.

So, whether new, or old, to energy work come along on this adventure with SixtySkills and learn how to circulate your chi!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn energy work
  • Anyone who wants to learn meditation
  • Anyone who wants to learn yoga
  • Anyone who wants to learn magick
  • Anyone who wants to learn magic
  • Anyone who wants to learn witchcraft

The Chi Circulation Method By Sixty Skills – What is it included: (Content proof: Watch here!)

01 Introduction

001 Introduction.mp4

002 Requirements.mp4

02 Theory

001 What are chi circulations_.mp4

002 Why train chi circulations_.mp4

003 Methods to Train Chi Circulations.mp4

004 Breathe versus Spinning.mp4

005 Electric versus Magnetic.mp4

03 How to Practice

001 Hand to Heel.mp4

002 Front to Back.mp4

003 Side to Side.mp4

004 Who should train chi circulations_.mp4

005 Practice Design.mp4

006 Things to Think About.mp4

04 Conclusion

001 Things Not Covered Here.mp4

002 Conclusion.mp4

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The Chi Circulation Method

 Marcos A.Marcos A.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
4 months ago
After a few days practicing, I’m feeling what this training can do, just amazing!!!