The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting By Paul Hollingshead

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The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting By Paul Hollingshead – Instant Download!

Experience the power of this world-class step-by-step copywriting course

Can You Write a Letter Like This One?

Answer “Yes,” and you’ll never have to worry about your job or rely on others for your livelihood …

Instead, you will be in big demand, earning great money, writing a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to live.

AWAI’s Accelerated Program will help you break into the copywriting industry with expertise on what works today.

You can join the ranks of direct response copywriters earning $40,000, $70,000, $100,000, $200,000 or more a year. Discover a fun, satisfying, lucrative career writing promotional letters for the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry. These are the same letters you see in your mailbox and get via the Internet every day. They do everything from persuade you to buy a product or service to convince you to donate to your favorite charity.

These letters earn millions of dollars for the companies that send them — and those companies pay handsomely for a skilled copywriter to write them.

Here are nine great reasons you should consider The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting:

  1. It’s jam-packed with proven secrets, tips, and techniques that have sold billions of dollars worth of products.
  2. It introduces you to all aspects of the industry — from what you need to know about the copywriting business … to writing powerful letters … to launching your new career.
  3. Our Board of Copy Advisors is made up of some of the most successful copywriters, marketers and direct response company owners in the country. You couldn’t be hooking up with a better group of people to guide you to success in this career.
  4. The AWAI program is entirely hands-on. You actually “write while you learn” … so you can begin building a body of work you can use to break into the business quickly.
  5. You can complete the program entirely at your own pace. You can take a year or finish in six weeks or less!
  6. The $10,000 challenge! Everyone who takes the program has an opportunity to win a contract for $10,000 from us. At least one $10,000 contract is awarded each year to an AWAI-trained writer.
  7. Our reputation for producing top-notch writers is unsurpassed. That’s why so many of the biggest direct mail companies in the world are constantly coming to us looking for writers.
  8. Everything we do is geared to helping you succeed. Because when you succeed — we succeed.
  9. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a professional copywriter, the selling and marketing knowledge you’ll gain from this program will help you in any business you happen to be in.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer … you can succeed with this program. If you can write like you talk and follow some simple, yet powerful techniques, you can create a life where you’ll enjoy the kind of personal and financial freedom most people only dream about.

American Writers & Artists Institute is the country’s pre-eminent copywriting development organization. Let us help you create the career of your dreams.

The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting By Paul Hollingshead, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Accelerated Copywriting
  • Architecture of Persuasion
  • Barefoot Writer
  • Getting Your First Client
  • Resume Writing
  • Smart Start Writing
  • The AWAI Method