Ted Harty III - 28 Day Freediving Transformation1Ted Harty III – 28 Day Freediving Transformation

Learn how to increase your bottom time and dive deeper, by using proven freediving training exercises in the “comfort” of your home.

Are you interested in learning how to increase your bottom time?

Do you want to lower your comfortable operating depth?

Do you want to feel more comfortable while underwater?

What type of regular specific freediving training do you perform to achieve your goals? The typical answer is “well I try to go freediving whenever I can.”

Give me 25-40 minutes 3 days a week and 5 minutes on any other two days, and you can significantly improve your freediving performance in 28 days.

Competitive freedivers like myself can dive very deep and stay down a very long time, two skills that any recreational freediver or spearfisherman would be very interested in obtaining. We accomplish these feats by performing very particular types of training.
My deepest freedive is 279ft, my longest breath-hold is 7 minutes, I’m a past USA Freediving record holder and was captain of the USA Freediving Team at the World Championships in Nice, France. I regularly joke in my classes that I have a body built by beer, bourbon, and BBQ. I’m not an elite athlete, there is nothing special about me, yet I can freedive circles around Ben Greenfield and Tim Kennedy past students of mine who are clearly world class elite athletes.
How is this possible? I perform very specific freediving related training exercises.
This course is broken down into 4 main modules.
Freediving Safety – You will learn the risks associated with Freediving which are real, as they are 50-75 fatalities per year in the USA. You will discover that blackouts can happen on dives even if you feel fine. Lastly, you will learn what to do if your buddy has a blackout at the surface.
Breath Hold Secrets – Here you will learn how to take a 20-30% bigger breath and specific breathing techniques that will lower your heart rate and increase your breath-hold. Then you will determine what is causing your urge to breathe and what you can do about it.

Training Tools – I will share what in my opinion is the most time-efficient and effective way to increase your tolerance to carbon dioxide. I will cover 3 exercises to improve your breath hold as well as how to delay and minimize your contractions. You will learn stretches that can increase your lung volume and the one secret weapon that every single competitive freediver uses to dive deeper and feel more relaxed at depth.

28-Day Weekly Training Plan – I will give you a weekly training plan telling you precisely what to do each week. You will get a PDF you can print and place on your refrigerator to mark your progress.

Your Instructor

Ted Harty III

I ed my underwater adventures (career) in 2005, as a Scuba Instructor in the Florida Keys. During that time I became a PADI Staff Instructor, and taught for NAUI and the SSI as well. I took my very first professional freediving course with Performance Freediving International (PFI) in 2008, taught by Kirk Krack. I was absolutely blown away by the class and by freediving, I quickly became obsessed…like I do with many things!

In 2009, I became a freediving instructor for PFI and I’ve been teaching freediving full time ever since. I went to my first freediving competition in 2009, as an out of shape and overweight ex-scuba instructor, and progressed from an 80 ft. to 177 ft. dive in just 3 weeks! After that experience, I wondered what I could do if I got in shape and took training more seriously. I went on to break a USA Freediving record, have won 3 freediving competitions, was selected to be Captain of Men’s USA Freediving team at the World Championships, am a PFI Instructor Trainer and my deepest freedive to date is 279 feet.

While I enjoy being a competitive freediver immensely, my true passion has always been teaching. Thus, for the past 5 years I’ve been focused on the instructional side of freediving by teaching my classes through my company Immersion FreedivingDeeper Blue reviewed my 4 day PFI Intermediate freediving course and said it was the most professional course in the dive industry they had seen in 33 years. See the full review here.

I’ve worked with Tim Kennedy (US Army Ranger, UFC fighter and star of History Channel show Hunting Hitler), Ben Greenfield (fitness guru and podcaster), and several elite military instructors. I’ve appeared on The SpearNoob Spearo, Ben Greenfield’s podcast; have written an article for every issue of Spearing Magazine since 2013, as well as am the official freediving course of Spearing Magazine. I’ve appeared in the books Deep FreedivingRenegade ScienceWhat the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves and One Breath. I have also been a featured speaker at the Blue Wild Expo, the largest freediving and spearfishing expo in the US 5 years running.

Course Curriculum

  • here – game plan for the course. (9:08)
  • Explanation of watching videos in order and passing quiz. (2:55)
Freediving Safety
  • here – safety overview. (5:41)
  • 3 main safety principles and the myth of I don’t push myself, I know my limits. (18:05)
  • Learn what to do if you dive in bad visibility and can’t see your buddy underwater. (6:21)
  • Recovery breathing and my bullet proof buddy system. (3:19)
  • The dangers of hyperventilation. What is it and why you should avoid it. (7:58)
  • In water rescue demonstrations of how to handle a loss of motor control and a surface blackout. (16:31)
  • Why the rescue in this course is different than the rescue I teach in my classes. (3:39)
  • Why you should remove your snorkel underwater. (4:09)
  • Limitations of this safety course. (2:03)
  • Who should not be freediving. (2:15)
  • As seen in Spearing Magazine Hunting in teams for spearfishing.
  • As seen in Spearing Magazine: The myth of I know my limits.
Safety quiz – if you pass you will get discounts from 8 freediving and spearfishing companies.
  • Safety quiz.
  • Learn to take a 20-30% bigger breath (17:22)
  • Diaphragmatic breathing (18:15)
  • Explanation of what is causing your urge to breathe. (7:04)
Training Tools
  • NEW – Private FB group for students, learn how to access the group.. (5:26)
  • Learn how to delay and minimize your contractions. (11:31)
  • Learn the most effective and time efficient C02 tolerance training program. (10:29)
  • Is it possible I could blackout while doing these breath-holds – YES (5:58)
  • Secret weapon that every single competitive freediver performs regularly. (29:27)
  • Increase flexibility of rib cage and increase your lung volume. (6:44)
  • Everything every Freediver needs to know about lung squeeze
Putting it all together – the 28 day training plan.
  • Your to-do list for the next 28 days. (8:10)
  • Difference between training and diving in the ocean. (3:37)
  • Get your 28 day freediving transformation calendar here! & list of 5 exercises.
  • Noob Spearo- 99 Spearfishing Tips
  • Yoga for Freediving – Sara Campbell – NEW 50% discount!!! (1:37)
  • Review and survey of the program.
Bonus Material
  • Ted Talks Freediving Interview with Jeromy Gamble owner of Spearing Magazine discussing how to implement what I teach with spearfishing. (83:59)
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