TC Top & Bottom Finder By Trader Confident

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TC Top & Bottom Finder By Trader Confident – Instant Download!

👋 Welcome to the TC Top & Bottom Finder! 🎊

With this purchase, you will receive 2 TradingView Indicators. Our main indicator, TC Top & Bottom Finder, and a secondary TC Market Reversals indicator for extra trade confirmation! Watch the video above to see how they work. These indicators have been in the making for over 4 years and we truly believe these could be the two most accurate indicators to predict market reversals as well as tops and bottoms for Cryptos Stocks and Forex.

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✅ Works with (ALL) TradingView Tickers

✅ “TC Market Reversals” Included for Free

✅ Lifetime Access

✅ No Monthly Fee

✅ Dedicated Email Support


1. ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ Signals showing when a market reversal is expected.

2. ‘Strong Buy’ and ‘Strong Sell’ signals will show when the indicator expects a major reversal in the market.

3. Green and Red lines will show on our bottom indicator when market structures are overextended and a reversal is due.

BONUS: Both indicators come fully equipped with alerts as shown in the video above.


Step 1. Click “I want this!” or “Add to cart”

Step 2. Checkout, and open the PDF document.

Step 3. Email us your checkout email and TradingView username to [email protected]. You will get access to the indicators on your TradingView account from TV account “CryptoCowboy205” within 24 hours. (Purchases made on the weekends will be fulfilled first thing Monday)


Step 1. Refresh any live TradingView chart page.

Step 2. Click “Indicators” at the top of your TradingView chart.

Step 3. Click “Invite-Only Scripts” and you’ll see the indicators there!

Also shown in the video above at the end.


The TC Top & Bottom Finder indicator is based upon a multitude of concepts involving price exhaustion detection, statistical backtracking, and a hybrid minimax algorithm.

Think about it like an advanced version of ‘tic-tac-toe’, but combined with an elaborate algorithm to guess what the opponent will do next.

Once a specific sequence of events transpires, then you can anticipate what the next event may be. The same dynamic can be utilized with price action. It is based upon an orientation flow enabling us to cast a prediction with a high degree of accuracy.

The secondary concept involves “statistical decision theory”, allowing us to utilize a set of parameters to achieve an “infinitesimal number” giving us a ‘score’ for decision making.

The TC Market Reversals in a heavily modified Channel Commodity Index indicator that predicts market reversals with corresponding red and green bar alerts. This is a free indicator that we included with the TC Tops and Bottoms Finder which can help us with further confirmation.


For the greatest accuracy, we recommend using this indicator on the 1D or 4hr chart.