Structure + Market Human Design Readings Bundle By Becca Francis

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Structure + Market Human Design Readings Bundle By Becca Francis – Instant Download!

Alchemize your life & business through the power of Human Design

Structure + Market Human Design Readings Bundle

Step into the new business paradigm with these powerful teachings!


You’ll get instant access to this potent, juicy Human Design content, teaching videos, masterclasses, Mini Ebooks & Resources👇🏼

👉🏼 Energetic Story Masterclass (on demand Human Design reading masterclass)

👉🏼 MAGNETIC – The Masterclass (on demand creating aligned copy masterclass)

👉🏼 Human Design Resource Library (webinars, podcasts & guides)

👉🏼 Radical Human Design – 6 module Intro to Human Design course

👉🏼The Format Channel Mini Guide – mini ebook

👉🏼The Arrows, Environments & Cognitions of Human Design – mini ebook

🔥 PLUS Potent AF Business – a BONUS 80 min training on the top 5 ways I transformed my life & business with Human Design!

What Students Are Saying:

MAGNETIC for copywriting in your business is quite literally LIFE CHANGING. I used to struggle so much with trying to find the right words to convey the energy of my offers and with this formula – I don’t have to struggle because the words come directly from the energy of the program and understanding how they can show up. It’s like having a predetermined script that you just need to piece together in a way that flows.

Brittany R. on MAGNETIC – The Masterclass

This Masterclass was epic, genius, innovative, and has completely changed the way I write copy forever. Becca’s method is so simple yet so powerful, and her teaching ability is next-level. I now know exactly what to say to reach my soul-aligned clients and feel good doing it!

Caroline P. on MAGNETIC – The Masterclass

I loved this masterclass (the Energetic Story Masterclass) and learned things I haven’t heard anywhere else (format channels!) I was concerned that there would not be enough value for the price of “just” a recording, and/or it would be the same information that I have learned elsewhere, but the value far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Thank you so much for making the recording available to those of us who could not make the live masterclass. And, thank you for offering a new and fresh perspective on Human Design readings. I truly loved your masterclass and got so much value from it. Thank you again for making it available.

Christa S. on the Energetic Story Masterclass

I just watched The Magnetic Masterclass and …OMG this was so Powerfuul! You just blow my mind, put fire on my sacral authority 😅 and bring my offers to a next level 😵 I love your energy, I love your vision of HD, I love your powerful magnetism😏

Laura H. on MAGNETIC – The Masterclass

Now you’re on your way to creating powerful readings with ease, learn my tips, tricks and hacks for showing up with confidence and magnetism on social media to tell potential clients about your powerful new readings!

Structure + Market Human Design Readings Bundle By Becca Francis, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • MAGNETIC – The Masterclass
  • Human Design Resource Library
  • Format Channels
  • The Arrows, Environments & Cognitions of Human Design
  • Energetic Story Masterclass
  • Radical Human Design
  • Livestream Replay