‘Smart Money’ Institutional Forex Trading By Jeffrey Edahs

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‘Smart Money’ Institutional Forex Trading By Jeffrey Edahs – Instant Download!

'Smart Money' Institutional Forex Trading By Jeffrey Edahs

‘Smart Money’ Institutional Forex Trading
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What you’ll learn
How the Forex market truly works
Be able to listen and take action

At Kaizen Pipsology we trade a little differently, I’m sure you’ve seen the stat which states 96% of traders fail and lose money consitently in the markets. We teach you a style that 4% of traders use to better the odds which works on all time frames and all currency pairs, even orange juice (we’ll show you proof sometime).

This is a 24/7 service you can plug into at all times. Access to recorded sessions, chart mark ups & chat services to have real time questions answered.

We don’t personally believe in trading signals, we teach and show you a trading style based on how the big institutions get in and out of their positions with precision. There is no guessing with this style of trading, it is black and white, 2+2, yes or no.

Who this course is for:
All levels of traders

Course content

Course Overview

  • Lets get started


  • What is Forex
  • Market Participants
  • What is a ‘PIP’
  • Forex Brokers
  • Trading Hours

Technical Analysis

  • Support & Resistance
  • Support & Resistance On Charts
  • What Is A Trend?
  • Uptrend On Charts
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Candlesticks

Institutional Trading ‘Smart Money’

  • ”Observe the Masses & Do The Opposite”
  • ‘M’ & ‘W’ Patterns Are Not Your Friend
  • Trendlines Are Not Your Friend
  • The Big Players In This Game Have to Play Differently
  • How They Play Differently On Charts
  • Imbalance / Improper Price Action (IPA)
  • Buyers / Sellers Remorse
  • Quarter Points
  • Wyckoff Schematics
  • Seasonality
  • Entry Confirmation Checklist
  • Buy & Sell Cheat Sheet

Risk Management

  • Risk to reward ration ‘R/R’

Jeffrey Edahs
Head Educator

My trading journey began just over 2 years ago. I was introduced by a friend I used to play football with at a young age. After reconnecting, I saw this individual doing quite well for himself in which conversation naturally geared towards what he was doing. Upon speaking, he introduced me to a company which would go on to teach me 90% of everything I know about the markets now.

My main reason for starting was wanting to clear a credit card debt incurred by helping my mother to start a children’s nursery which was her dream. 9/10 months later upon learning, that debt was cleared.
I now aim to share my knowledge and help others realise their dreams and goals through this revolutionary way of making money in the 21st century.

‘Smart Money’ Institutional Forex Trading By Jeffrey Edahs, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

01 – Course Overview

02 – Introduction

03 – Technical Analysis

04 – Institutional Trading ‘Smart Money’

05 – Risk Management