Sacred Union – Unlock Your Design Academy


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Sacred Union – Unlock Your Design Academy – Instant Download!

Sacred Union - Unlock Your Design Academy
Sacred Union – Unlock Your Design Academy

The Pathway to Sacred Union
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Together we will walk the Pathway of Sacred Union to build your foundation for your Sacred Business—how you serve your highest purpose and the world.

In this course module, you get to know and understand your inner masculine and feminine.

Activate your Hieros Gamos Codes. Learn to feel the trinity between polarities. Move beyond duality.

Want access to your true creativity and prosperity? Then it’s time to integrate what’s keeping you off center.

You can join our Sacred Union 5-module Immersion where we synthesize Gene Keys & Human Design with Tantra, Hieros Gamos Rituals, Archetypal Psychology and Shadow Integration.

What’s Included?

Meditation Activations & Healing
There are custom meditation visualizations and energy healings. Simone Gers also performs Soul Communication.

Travel Log
During your journey on the pathway of Sacred Union, you will be equipped with your own Travel Log with journal prompts and questions for contemplation. Use this resource as a way to deepen, integrate and embody your experience in Sacred Union.

Embodiment Practices
Integration and Embodiment is an important part of the path to Sacred Union. We will give you practices to help you activate and anchor into your Hieros Gamos codes.

Sacred Union – Unlock Your Design Academy – what is it included!

1. Welcome!
Welcome to The Sacred Union Digital Course

2. Resources
3. Module 1: Welcome, Introductions & Perceptions
4. Module 2: Masculine & Feminine, Polarities & Becoming Beyond Duality
5. Module 3: Planetary Geometry
6. Module 4: Archetypes
7. Module 5: Integrating the Shadow

  • Sacred Union Teaching #4: Shadow Work
  • Sacred Union Travel Log Part 4
  • Freedom Merkaba
  • Embodiment & Healing Practices & Tools
  • THE SHADOW & STUNTED: Light & Dark Masculine & Feminine
  • THE HEALTHY EXPRESSION: Light & Dark Masculine & Feminine
  • Sacred Union Community Call #5: Soul Communication and Closing
  • Sigil/Key Code #5 (2/4/21)
  • Channeled Art


  • Soul Conversation with Simone & Bella: The Trinity of Sacred Union
  • Conversation Transcription


    • Take a New Journey with Us
    • Sacred Union Reading