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Rob Hoffman – Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q and A
  • Rob Hoffman – Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q and A

Rob Hoffman – Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q and A


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Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q&A

This course offers almost 3 ½ hours of intensive Q&A covering the following topics: Indicators, Moving Averages, Support and Resistance Levels, Fibonacci, Setups, Entries, Exits, Stops*, Market Events, News, and Trading Psychology. In this webinar Robert also presented training on indicators and other topics that he did not share in any other course as a bonus to this group.

Topics and Tips Covered
2 Bar Break Strategy entry
20 MA
d; border-left: windowtext 0.5pt solid; background-color: transparent; height: 12.75pt; border-top: windowtext; border-right: windowtext 0.5pt solid;” height=”17″>ADX Indicator
ADX indicator and direction strength
ADX Indicator and Trend strength
ADX settings and Fish Hook reliability
Andrews Pitchforks – Robs feelings about them
Conventional Wisdom (Edward and McGee)
Do not trade time zones
Drawdowns – focus on trading right
Entering and exiting trades (profit targets)
Favorite Overnight trading time
Fish Hook and other indicator confluence
Fish Hooks (RSI Levels – 45 and 55) Alert areas
Fish Hooks closing and entry level
Government involvement
Highest probably setups
Key Reversals – Heavier volume bars
Key Reversals – Price action and trend changes
Key Reversals – Price actions color bars
Let winners run
Live trading sessions idea
Moment of “Arrival”, finding niche
Moving average trending
News (Avoid) – too much Vegas
Pyschology – Bias – having or changing – it does not matter
Pyschology – Humility and failure and success
Rob becoming profitable
Scale In method
Setups Entries and Stops etc
Stock trading and stock personality
Suicide bar
Support and Resistance exit levels
Trading plan, trending and MTF
Various time range charts
VIX (Volatility index)
VIX (Volatility index) – Psychology
Volume Indicator
VWAP (only in confluence with others)
Wide Range bars and scale in method