K2A (knowledgetoaction.com.au)


K2A (knowledgetoaction.com.au)

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K2A (knowledgetoaction.com.au)

I found the course very good. Dragan taught the course who is a professional trainer. The course starts at the very basic level such as “why Forex?”, “what is Forex?”, “what are trend lines?”, “what are pivots?”, “what is MACD?”.

Knowledge to Action teaches you 3 strategies to use in the Forex market which are called “Forex Income Generator”, “Ultimate Forex Pivots”, “Ultimate Forex Sniper Trade”.

They teach you about the importance of risk and working out how much money to place on a trade.

They teach you how to read the market and identify signs that alert you to opportunities or times to get out of the market.

You get 3 coaching sessions with a professional Forex trader who helps you work out your goals and reviews your traders log! Do you think that should be free? How much do you think these guys charge an hour if you approached them directly??


About K2A


K2A is a member of the Knowledge To Action group of companies, which employs over 100 people across the globe, with operations in the UK, Singapore and Australia.



K2A holds a current AFSL (No 339557) which authorises us to


provide you with the following financial service:


  • provide financial product sdvice in the following classes of




– securities;


– foreign exchange (FOREX) contracts;


– derivatives (which includes futures products).


Who do we act for when providing these services …


We act on our own behalf when providing financial product advice to you.


We act under our own AFSL when we provide a financial service to you.