Quantra Quantinsti – All Course Bundle

Quantra Quantinsti - All Course Bundle

Quantra Quantinsti – All Course Bundle

Track 1 : Algorithmic Trading for Beginners

Use 25+ strategies like Intraday Trading, Machine Learning, and Quant techniques to optimize your trading portfolio.

Track 2 : Technical Analysis Using Quantitative Methods

Technical indicators and candlesticks, sentiment trading, swing trading, volatility trading and backtesting.

Track 3 : Quantitative Trading in Futures and Options Markets

Options pricing models and strategies such as gamma scalping, dispersion and delta hedging diversified futures trading strategies.

Track 4 : Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Trading – I

From data cleaning aspects to optimising AI models, learn how to create your prediction algorithms using classification and regression techniques.

Track 5 : Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Trading – II

Step-wise training on the complete lifecycle of trading strategies and portfolio management using machine learning. Learn from experts!

Track 6 : Algorithmic Trading in Cryptocurrency and Forex

8+ strategies such as Ichimoku Cloud, Aroon Indicator, unsupervised learning and pairs trading to trade cryptocurrencies & FX markets effectively.

Track 7 : Portfolio Management and Position Sizing using Quantitative Methods

Apply effective position sizing techniques and optimise your portfolio. Include machine learning to gain a competitive edge.

Track 8 : Advanced Algorithmic Trading Strategies

A series of courses where you will learn more than 18+ new strategies such as mean-reversion, index arbitrage, long-short, breakout, ARIMA, GARCH


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