Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

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Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023


1. Understand how the tools work together.
2. Which tools you really need and which ones are rubbish.
3. How to prompt and program the tools for best results.
4. The best uses for automations in your own business.
5. The newest and most profitable new business models created by AI, RPA, and No-Code.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Getting Smart About The AI, RPA, No-COde Landscape So You´re Confident

Our first session will cover four major technologies in broad strokes.

You’ll learn what they are and how I use them in concert to produce the results that I’m able to produce.
Not only do I get amazing results and high ROI’s it’s practically impossible to tell that I’m using any AI or bot technology to achieve them.
Appearing to have a human touch is the secret.
I mean does this letter sound like it was written by a freakin’ robot?

Which tools are AMAZING and Which Are Garbage So You Don´t Get Ripped-Off and Feel Dumb

Next, We’ll talk tools. I’ll reveal the tools I use and the ones that I don’t and exactly why.
My team and I have vetted 100’s of automation tools and wasted tens of thousands in recurring billings so you don’t have to.
Truth is, some of my $10 tools, like the one I used to write this letter, serve me best. I use ZERO expensive enterprise tools. Period.

Learn How To Talk To Robots So They Can Do Exactly What You Want!

Next, you’ll learn the skills you’ll need to use these tools.

Remember, garbage in, garbage out…
Don’t worry, anyone with average intelligence can do it. There is a lot of paste involved, and it’s getting easier and easier every day.
As with most technologies, the skill level of the operator dictates a great deal of the outcome.
As an example, if you gave me a tractor, I would have no idea what to do with it, but a skilled farmer could go out and make money.
You will learn how to prompt the AI tools, how to train them to your voice, how to carry on conversations with the robots that you create to hone in on exactly what you want.
PLUS: You’ll be given over 500 of my private prompts to use FREE, these took me months to create.

Create Your OWN AI and RPA Software Tools In MINUTES! (You Can Sell Them Too)

Using new NO-CODE software platforms, you’ll learn to create powerful applications in just 10 or 15 minutes, these simple software applications can automate your processes.

And finally….
As my bonus you’ll learn how to find, train, and motivate outsourcers to “pull the levers” and run the software, so you don’t need to do anything after you’ve created the system.

The Business Uses Are Endless

Following are just a few of the use cases that will be discussed at the event.

You are really only limited by your imagination.
  • By using AI to chat with customers, you can reduce customer service costs and provide quicker answers for a better customer experience.
  • Create personalized marketing messages and sales messages for each person on your list by writing amazing sales copy such as this sales letter.  You could never do this by hand.
  • Create unlimited content for your website and social media accounts. Just three days ago, I wrote a 4000 word blog post in 15 minutes and it scored 98% human created.
  • Copy and content should be edited in the style of anyone you know. I’ve written emails as Al Pacino and blog posts as John Grisham, and I even wrote a meme and Facebook post as Lily Tomlin, who is oddly enough from my hometown.
  • You can have your work translated into as many languages as you want with native dialects, and you can even have voice over engines read them to your audience as audiobooks or podcasts.
  • Automate all of your FAQ and product service videos. There are now tools that allow you to build the videos, write the text, and even read them aloud. It will forever change the way instruction and trainings are delivered.
  • Develop and deploy cold outreach campaigns and lead generation campaigns. One of our tools will create 500 landing pages in less than one minute that you can test one against another until you find the best one. Imagine how long it would take to do that manually.
  • Analyze your data, slice it, dice it, and make julienne fries. The Facebook Ad Buying Reporting that used to take an outsourcer 4 hours a day now takes less than 2 minutes. It’s impossible to believe some of this stuff!
  • Most Fortune 500 companies are already using business process automation, otherwise known as automating every process in their business that takes time or money. RPA really shines here.
  • Create customer avatars and market research reports to better understand your customers. These AI research tools make research easier than ever. You could Google for 2 weeks without pulling the data they can pull for you in seconds!
  • Automate all of your email responses. Imagine how your sender scores scores will skyrocket when you ask people to reply to your emails and they get a reply back right away that references what they said and makes them feel like they’re in a real conversation.
  • Analyze surveys and feedback reports to improve your products and make the customer experience better.
  • Create unlimited 100% original images without having to subscribe to any photo services or worry about being sued by some jackass attorney. It is worth attending the event just for this tool!
  • Browse endless resumes using AI tools and even chat with potential employees, probing them and interviewing them without ever being present. Indeed.com is using this technology already.
  • Track all your shipments and packaging and keep track of packages that don’t arrive on time so that you can alert customers before they complain. E-commerce companies will love this!
  • Ensure your coaches can respond to questions accurately and succinctly in just seconds, even if they are new. With this technology, you can do so much more!

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

New 6,7 and 8 Figure Businesses Are Being Created In HOURS!

In addition to the uses in your own business you can create brand new businesses with these new technologies just like I have. All of these can be started as brand new enterprises or bolted on to an existing business.

At the event we will dissect some of the best business opportunities created with AI including…

AI Powered Marketing Agencies or Done for You Services:

It is one of the simplest but also one of the most powerful systems in the world.

It’s always easy to sell done for you services, but hard to deliver them. With these tools, it’s easy.

I have a six-figure business in this space right now and almost all of the work is human-assisted AI and robotics. There are crazy margins.

Digital Publishing Version 3.0:

Creating social content, media sites, Kindle books, Audible books, YouTube channels, anything that used to take time, can now be done with tools, and not just good, it’s better than what humans did.

However, you will need to add a little bit of human touch. I’ll demonstrate how to do that at the event.

SaaS Software Creation:

During this event, you’ll learn no-code software so that you can integrate robot apps and AI to build unique tools that you can sell anywhere.

A lot of the big markets are already tapped, but thousands of micro markets need specialized software. We just created an exact copy of an incredibly popular piece of software for $800 in one week.

You can imagine how much money we’re going to make from this software since my annual license just to USE the competitor is almost $3,000

Media Buying Services:

It is impossible to compare buying media for companies using AI and Robotics to buying them with humans.

The cost is reduced by 95%, but the accuracy and management efficiency increase by 10x. Even if you don’t start a media buying company, learn how to stop paying your media buyers by using AI and RPA.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Design Services:

These tools really shine in this area. It’s easy to create amazing imagery even if you can’t draw a stickman. The push of a button creates beautiful logos and brand books, edits videos and records time just as quickly.

AI and robotic applications can now build a complete website in less than 5 minutes with only five lines of instructions.

Soon, this will be commonplace among people in the know, but the demand of the general public is unimaginable. You can make more money doing this one thing than anything else you are doing right now.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Social Media Management and Distribution:

Imagine a tool that takes a video and creates hundreds of videos from it, all of which are distributed to various platforms with Alex Hermozi-style captions. It already exists and we use it.

It’s a great tool to use for your own benefit, but imagine how much you could charge for taking one piece of content and creating 70 pieces from it, like Gary Vaynerchuk does.

Remember, even if people know about the tools, they won’t know how to use them. You’re getting it now, aren’t you?

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Writing Services:

AI applications can already write pretty good copy, amazing emails, SMS messages, push notifications, press releases, video scripts, hell you can even use it to write your legal contracts. Create corporations with the push of a button (I hate lawyers).

Again, you are only limited by your imagination.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

SEO Services:

With a few smart SEO tools, ranking websites has never been easier. These tools analyze every competitor that ranks above you. Then they tell you exactly what they’re doing to overtake their positions. Then…within minutes, the tool creates content that will beat all of your competitors.
You’ll be shocked at the results when the engines scrape it. $8 outsourcers can do all this work for you and you can easily charge $100 an hour or more.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023

Audio and Video Services:

The examples show how great audio tools have become, even allowing you to record your own voice and have it read back to you. Instead of being on camera, you can create an avatar of your face that moves your lips and eyes.
These are things that other people in the marketplace will need to compete, but they won’t know how to do them, while you do. Just wait until I tell you what we do for $2000 a month per client in this space.

Perry Belcher – AI Bot Summit 2023