The Volume Traders – Order Flow Mastery (New 2024)

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The Volume Traders – Order Flow Mastery (New 2024)

The Volume Traders – Order Flow Mastery (New 2024)

About Course:

Module 1 – Introduction

  • What is important to succeed in the trading business.
  • Mindset tips that can be the difference between profitable and not profitable
  • Who is Seb and why can his knowledge help you?

Module 2 – Installation and setup (NT8 & MZPack)

  • Set up Ninja Trader 8 the right way.
  • Set up your MZpack indicators to see Order Flow.

Module 3 – Alternative setup (MT5 + Cluster delta)

  • Set up Meta Trader for volume trading.
  • Set up Cluster Delta for order flow trading.

Module 4 – Supply and demand

  • How to Spot High Probability Zones.
  • How to Use Indicators for Verification.
  • How to Mark Your Zones.

Module 5 – Key levels

  • What are key levels and how to trade them?
  • How to spot key levels

Module 6 – Market structure

  • How to view the markets.
  • How to make a daily bias
  • Accumulation distribution in trading

Module 7 – Compression / Liquidity grabs

  • Manipulation patterns
  • Extra confluences for your entries

Module 8 – Footprint charts – Order flow

  • Learn the basics of footprint charts, including how to read and interpret them.
  • How to trade absorption
  • Learn how to effectively combine footprint analysis with your current trading strategies

Module 9 – Imbalances

  • Incorporating Imbalance Analysis with Order Flow
  • How to predict potential market turns or continuations based on imbalances.

Module 10 – Absorption – Passive and Aggressive orders

  • Understanding Absorption and Aggressive Orders
  • Identifying Absorption Patterns

Module 11 – Entries and TPs – How to find them (criteria)

  • Adapting Entry and TP Strategies to Different Market Conditions
  • Setting and Managing Take Profit (TP) Levels
  • Principles of Effective Trade Entries