On-chain crypto masterclass – Ready Set Crypto

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On-chain crypto masterclass – Ready Set Crypto – Instant download!

On-chain crypto masterclass - Ready Set Crypto
On-chain crypto masterclass – Ready Set Crypto

Module 1 – Realised Cap
The Realised Capitalisation is a powerful On-chain indicator which provides insight into the market’s cost basis, relative movement of old and new coins and is an essential tool to identifying the accumulation phase and blow-off tops – the points of maximum opportunity.

Module 2 – Modelling Value with Scarcity
This module will teach you how you can utilise a simple mathematical model developed by Plan B (@100trillionUSD) that accurately predicted the price floors of every Bitcoin bear market based solely on the first four years of issuance data. You will learn the fundamentals of what makes Bitcoin’s monetary policy tick and why it remains the most important digital asset in the industry.

Module 3 – NVT Ratio
This Masterclass will explore the NVT ratio in its many forms and even introduce some unique analysis methods not seen elsewhere in the industry.

Module 4 – Energy Money
Bitcoin mining is serious business. It requires foresight, long term investing and is subject to the volatility of BTC price and incredible competition.

Bitcoin is the first true Energy Money we have had and this Masterclass will explore this concept in depth.

RSC On-chain Analysis AMA
An Introduction to DIY On-chain analysis followed by an AMA with Checkmate

On-chain Toolkit v1.0.0
This spreadsheet has been compiled to provide the RSC community with a best in class tool for analysing the Bitcoin market via on-chain analysis.

It contains a charting package for all pricing models considered as well as a histogram distribution tool for assessing the Mayer Multiple, S2F Model and Difficulty Adjustment Model. Credit to Trace Mayer and Plan B for the first two.

The Difficulty Model is one developed by Checkmate looking at the linear regression between Price and Difficulty adjustment with ar R2 value of 0.945 so is considered a very high conviction model.

Ancillary Material – Bitcoin On-chain Analysis

Ancillary Material – Why Has Bitcoin Exploded & Where Is It Going From Here?