Notion Life Design Course By August Bradley

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Notion Life Design Course By August Bradley – Instant Download!

Notion Life Design Course
with Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults (PPV)

A tiny exceptional percentage of people wake up excited about each new day — their lives organized, leveraged, and advancing consistently in the directions they’ve thoughtfully chosen. New opportunities open up as they hit each milestone.

When you’re in this zone, things just seem to happen.

But it’s not by chance.

Are you where you want to be in life…
With work?
Health? Family?
Mental Clarity?

Has nothing worked after…
Reading everything?
Watching everything?
Trying everything?

Are you ready to…
Cut the bullshit?
Get serious?
Work hard?
Go big?

Notion Life Design Course By August Bradley

I help people who feel they’re not progressing in life achieve what matters most to them.

We do this by implementing a Life Operating System called “Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults (PPV)” that identifies your true priorities, aligns your life aspirations with daily actions, activates massive focus, breaks old habits, and builds growth feedback loops.

The Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults Life OS is built in Notion, a platform ideal for this purpose because of its power and flexibility.

The PPV system is a software layer on top of the Notion platform that massively leverages Notion’s capabilities — together PPV & Notion create an unparalleled growth and performance system.

I remember when I first saw August’s videos about Notion – they were not just smart – they had the potential to really change people’s lives. He builds to help people do what they want to do in life, and that’s one of the things I always hoped for Notion to do.

Ivan Zhao / CEO & Co-founder of Notion

Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults
PPV is a Life Operating System built in Notion, designed to bring Focus & Alignment to your life. Focus to ruthlessly zero in on what you need to do today. Alignment to ensure you’re doing the right things on any given day, aligning your high level aspirations with what you are spending your time on.

And PPV incorporates a powerful Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system into your life and work — screening, capturing, organizing, optimizing the information you come across in your life, then resurfacing the most valuable knowledge at the right time and right place for you to take action.

Designed by August Bradley specifically for the Notion platform (leveraging what only Notion can do), this approach solves the problems of older scattered methodologies designed around Evernote, OneNote, Todoist/Things, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc…

Learning Notion is easy.

Effective System Design is the challenge.

The BEST online course I have taken. August is a Notion and systems thinking Blackbelt and his course has delivered a truly inspirational life management system.

It holds all the parts I wanted to manage in one holistic well thought out and optimized system.

Robert Duffy
Management Consultant

Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking is not an inherent skill for most people,
and runs counter to the way we are taught to think and frame the world.

Systems Thinking & Design has been August Bradley’s specialty over the past 25 years.

August Bradley + Notion
August has massively leveraged Notion in unique ways — applying performance systems, growth psychology, and powerful life design to transform lives.

Many of his methodologies have set the standard for Notion use and personal systems, while some of his approaches remain exclusive by only working inside the comprehensive PPV system.

The PPV system combined with the power and flexibility of Notion is changing how I live my life and complete my work day to day. Knowing that everything has a place and it’s all in ONE place where I can easily find it again and link it to the work I am doing… it’s almost magical.

August’s class makes the system crystal clear and you will leave not just with an understanding of the system, but with solid knowledge of how that system will work for you specifically.

Elizabeth Caran
Agency Owner, Outlander Travel

Foundational Infrastructure
We will discuss and explore how to modify, customize, and adapt to your needs and preferences. Nothing is written in stone, all is moldable.

However, starting from scratch to design a comprehensive system is no trivial task. Starting with an established, proven system provides a massive head start and a foundation designed for success.

This is not a typical course

I’ve never been this excited about releasing a major creation. It’s the most satisfying and personally inspiring thing I’ve ever worked on — a living, breathing life-enhancing ecosystem.

I see it as an Olympic-caliber training facility for productivity, self-discovery, knowledge management, and persistent progress toward goals, meaning, and purpose in life.

In part this is the full training for the PPV life operating system — the Notion Life OS that’s generated a remarkable following with an unparalleled level of use. It has changed a lot of lives.

But it’s more than Notion, it is a full 12 month Life Design program. Lasting life change cannot be crammed into a 4 or 5 week window (believe me, I’ve tried!). It takes time to identify patterns, break bad habits, implement new growth feedback loops, and… shape yourself.

The Notion Life Design program provides training & support for real, deep, lasting life change. We massively leverage Notion, like few have ever seen. But also implement Systems Thinking, Habit formation & elimination, Mindset, Identity Sculpting, Flow States, Purpose + more.

August Bradley

What’s Included

Self-paced Core Training
Recorded video training presentations with ongoing discussion under each video segment. Plus, recorded video Q&A sessions in which August dives deeper into common questions.

Master PPV Template (Most Current Version + Updates)
No more DIY building. We start with the master PPV template pre-built and ready to go. We will cover how it works in depth, and how to implement and customize to your life and work.

Matrix Learning Guide
Our comprehensive Notion-based guide organizes the learning process, adapting it to how you learn best. Uniquely designed for this program.

Laser focus on what matters most and a path to achieve it.

Powerful tools & resources to learn, think, create, and make an impact.

An identity of your own choosing and design.

What is that worth to you?

This course is revolutionary in the most fundamental sense. It impacts every aspect of one’s life and it aims the spotlight of attention on the important vs. the trivial. I can’t recommend this highly enough and calling it a ‘game changer’ is a woefully inadequate term for something that changes one’s entire relationship with one’s self.

If you’re like me August’s PPV system on Notion is vastly superior to any group of productivity hacks or set of self-help proscriptions because it ties all of those together with what is ultimately an incredibly helpful, hopeful and optimistic view of life.

Aaron Garland, Life Coach

This was one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in myself. Step by step, this course helps you understand core principles, change your mindset, and you will get every tool you need to manage your life & shape yourself into a person you want to become.

August’s presentation style, quality of content, thoughtful & creative approach, unique perspective, deep knowledge in growth mindset & systems thinking is unmatched. On top of it, the course is very interactive & hands on.

Yelena S.

This course, its content, and the community within it have been of immense value for the management of my business, the ordering of my life, and my personal growth. The course was a substantial amount of work and took significant commitment and mental effort.

It was worth absolutely every ounce of energy and minute of time. I believe I will easily see a return on my investment in the first year, with compounding returns thereafter.

John Blackwell, CEO, Diamond Age Technologies (AR/VR Innovator)

Why I created this program

This is not just an online course to me, it’s a deeply personal undertaking.

This is an approach to life. It’s how I built a strong business, and then when it collapsed how I built it back up again. It’s the approach that got me through a month of surgeries from a debilitating health crisis to the point where I emerged from the hospital with caregivers shocked at my recovery. Initially unable to walk, it powered me through a year of physical rehabilitation — reclaiming my life, my career, my happiness. Then it directly led me to the activities and behaviors where I met the most important person of my life (my wife) and enabled me to build a family while pursuing a rewarding career.

Stories can be told in many ways. The methods and processes of the PPV system and what I share about life in this program is my story. You don’t learn about a person by what they say, but rather by what they do. This approach to life defines and shapes what you do — and keeps it in accordance with what you value and what you want to become.

I am a business consultant, a performance coach, and a designer of life and workflow processes — a Performance Systems Architect. But the only reason I can be good at those things is because I’m also a loving family member, a caring friend, an engaged community and workplace participant with an open and curious mind. It also helps to be passionate about learning and sharing. Our professional skills and qualification do not come from industry or societal credentials, but rather by living a full life in which we are deeply engaged with our most important priorities. Then we pass on the best of ourselves in a form from which others can benefit.

That’s why I’m creating this course — it’s the most powerful vessel I can envision to share what I have learned. This program takes decades of life learning and combines it with leading technologies (most notably Notion and our customized learning platform).

I hope you will join us. I’m excited about the possibility of diving into this journey with you!

August Bradley