ninZa.co – Rev^Out Scalping Indicator 2023

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ninZa.co – Rev^Out Scalping Indicator 2023

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Rev^Out Scalping: Pioneering the Future of Trading with ChatGPT-Assisted Innovation.

Rev^Out Scalping, our revolutionary indicator developed in collaboration with state-of-the-art AI technology ChatGPT, is poised to revolutionize the world of scalping-oriented trading strategies. With its unique approach to signal selection, this cutting-edge tool generates ultra-fast signals perfectly tailored for rapid-fire trading.

But what’s behind the captivating name, Rev^Out Scalping? It encapsulates the very essence of this indicator’s signal formation methodology. “Rev” stands for Reversal Bars, while “Out” represents Outside Bars – the two key factors driving the indicator’s signal formation process.

Unlike conventional indicators that rely on broad price ranges to detect trends or zones, Rev^Out Scalping operates as a compact trading strategy that uses just a few candles to identify trends, zones, and signals. This impressive feat is accomplished through the integration of three core elements: Reversal barsSearch limit, and Outside bars.

  • Trend: Trend determination is a breeze with Rev^Out Scalping’s utilization of Reversal bars. An upward Reversal bar prompts the indicator to search for buy signals, while a downward Reversal bar triggers the hunt for sell signals.
  • Zone: Total control over the trading zone is placed firmly in your hands, thanks to the customizable “Search Limit” parameter. Define the width of the zone where signals appear, precisely calculated from the Reversal bar to the bar of your choice.
  • Signals: the crown jewels of Rev^Out Scalping, manifest themselves within the user-defined zone through the identification of Outside bars. These bars serve as the beacons of opportunity, guiding traders toward favorable entry and exit points.

Rev^Out Scalping transcends its catchy name, embodying the synergy between cutting-edge AI technology and an innovative approach to signal selection.

The result? Lightning-fast, accurate signals meticulously aligned with the rapid pace of scalping strategies.
If you’re seeking an indicator that effortlessly keeps up with the whirlwind world of scalping trading, your search ends here – Rev^Out Scalping is the ultimate companion.


  • Popup alert
  • Sound alert (configurable rearm)
  • Email alert (possibly configured as SMS alert)
  • Message displayed in Alerts Log window

NinjaScript readiness:

  • Can be used in HelloWin Backtest – our AMAZING backtesting software @ HelloWin.io 
  • Can be used in Market Analyzer
  • Can be used in Strategy Builder
  • Can be used in BloodHound
  • Can be used in 3rd-party indicators, strategies, products
  • Professional & clean signature for easy calling

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:

  • Signal_Trade: 1 = bullish, -1 = bearish, 0 = no signal