Naima Sheikh – The Multipassionate Bundle

The ultimate kicker bundle for multipassionates on a mission to done

Building a multipassionate business is a bit like making apple pie.

Except it’s nothing like making apple pie.

When you make apple pie, you know when you out what you want to end up with.

It’s not quite that simple in the digital version of multipassionate business.

You kind of know what you want at the end, but apart from income, impact and happy customers, everything else can feel like a moving target.

That’s simply the nature of digital business.

A fast moving current (social media and tech changes) with a few spots of treacherous quick sand – yup, that would paralysis analysis and good ol’ imposter syndrome.

The multipassionate kicker pack can help side step all the angst.

I’ve curated twelve tried and tested courses that help you get all the building blocks in place, the foundations of your multipassionate digital empire.

Included in this bundle:

Branding Assets

How do you present yourself in words and visuals? Figure out what goes into your visual brand, and how to talk about yourself – whether on your about page or on a social media bio. You will love the practical, hands-on examples:

  • Visual Branding for Non-Designers
  • You Online –

Funnel Assets

You know that making an offer is the only thing standing between you and someone paying you for something. But what exactly should they pay you for? Figure it out in Offer 101 (I won’t even ask you to with a niche), and quickly put your lead generation funnel in place using the pre-built Divi pages in Fast Funnels

  • Offer 101
  • Fast Funnels Lead Gen Pack

Product Assets

Ok, leads are coming in, but how to create a product? One that sell while I’m busy living my life? Figure out how to turn your passion into a project, and that project into a product that sells.

  • Portable Passion Project
  • The Multipassionate Product

Product Packaging Assets

You have a product! You know your branding! Now put it together with the visual makeover for your workbooks and creating of a great mockup for your product. We do buy with our eyes first, you know …

  • Visual Makeover
  • Mock It Up

Content and Growth Assets

You’re actually sitting on a lot more content than you think. Use the Trello-powered content bank to gather it, classify it and plug it into the right spots so you never have to scramble for pre-launch content. Then, grow your insta life to find and get in front of fresh audiences

  • The Trello-powered Content Bank
  • Instagrowth

Productivity & Digital Organization

With all these moving parts, you’re going to need a good digital organization strategy for all your assets and a sensible way to execute, especially since you don’t exactly have 16 hours a day to devote to this, right? I’ve got just the right stuff for you

  • Getting Digi With It
  • Totally Trello

Your Instructor


Teaching Tech Without Trauma or Drama

Hello, my name is Naima and I’m a Digital Strategist.

I help individuals get over the technical and creative humps that stand between them and successfully taking their expertise to market.

Sometimes we can see exactly where we want to be, and what we want to do. Only thing is, there are annoying little things that tend to get in the way.

Sometimes these “things” are little mindset gremlins. But more often than not, they are creative and technical skills that seem just out of reach, like building a website or creating a cover.

Does that sound familiar?

I work with my clients to get clear on what their end game is, and to develop a solid strategy with actionable plans to get there.

But I also coach them and help them acquire “mini online business skills” required in our internet economy, so they can thrive in taking their expertise to market.

Whether in a corporate role or a solopreneur, it is only through clarity, skill acquisition, and focused action that growth can be achieved, both for business and for personal fulfillment.

I bring 20+ years of corporate experience in applying technology and smart work processes to business growth, and share that experience through my courses, ebooks and of course, in person.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Multipassionate Bundle
  • Ready to rock and roll?
  • The Impact Pyramid Model
  • The companion Trello board

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