Moneyberg Mentoring By Derek Moneyberg


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Let’s face it.

Moneyberg Mentoring By Derek Moneyberg
There’s no longer such a thing as a ‘steady job.’

Breathing down the neck of every little modern job is the cold, hard reality that your company could get someone overseas to do the exact same thing for cheaper.

That is, if artificial intelligence doesn’t replace you first.

With so many working from home nowadays, companies are realizing this FAST.

Outsourcing and artificial intelligence are just a few of the things that are creating extreme global competition for quality jobs and KILLING career opportunities.

In fact, job stability has declined so dramatically that in today’s

And this is no exaggeration,

Just ACCIDENTALLY LOOKING at someone in a funny way can get you fired, and lock you out of your career path FOR LIFE.

Despite all this,

I’m not worried!
I quit my last job when I was 19, and since then I’ve gathered over 2 decades worth of insights on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The idea of having a boss,

Of having a little desk to go to every day,

It really sounds quite sad to me.

Besides the money and freedom, the best part of the journey for me has been helping my clients, friends and business partners kiss their jobs goodbye, fire their boss, and blaze their own path through entrepreneurship.

That’s why I’ve decided to distill over 2 decades worth of my experience and insights into a definitive course on this very topic.

Inside this course lies the entire arsenal of skills, resources and alliances you need to successfully quit your job, and send yourself scorching to success in your own entrepreneurial ventures.

This is THE comprehensive course on all things entrepreneurship.


  • Understand Why You Don’t Have What You Want in Life: Receive an in depth assessment of your current situation and take responsibility for your outcomes.
  • ​​Overcome The 3 Main Reason For Failure: Proactively create action plans to make sure you avoid failure along your journey and set yourself up to flourish over the next ten weeks!
  • ​​Kill Procrastination And Kick Start Your Productivity: Outsmart your reptilian brain, overcome your procrastination addiction and finally GET SHIT DONE.
  • ​Maximize Your High Impact Actions: Sift through the endless checklist of tasks in front of your, hone in on the high impact actions, and start moving the needle.


  • Fix Your Brain: Understand the mechanisms your brain uses to filter reality and how to hack them to make your brain work for you rather than against you.
  • ​​Recognize The Biases: Receive a comprehensive understanding and detailed analysis of the most common biases affecting your life and costing you millions of dollars.
  • ​Break Free From Delusion: See past self-induced delusions and view your environment objectively to navigate your REAL (rather than perceived) obstacles to success.
  • ​Create Bulletproof Mental Frameworks: Receive actionable to preventing these biases from running your life and keeping you pinned to mediocrity.

Realize You Are Affected: Recognize that your decision making is IS MASSIVELY INFLUENCED by logical issues that prevent you from making effective decisions.​
​Identify The Nine Classes: STOP CRITICAL ERRORS from repeating over and over again in your business because of your INCAPABILITY TO PROPERLY ANALYZE THE SITUATION.​
Make Effective Decisions: Apply a methodology to make coherently make decisions with confidence knowing you will never again be the point of failure in your organization.​
​Eliminate Your Blindspots: Eliminate the blindspots pin you to a subpar income well below your worth and unleash a lifestyle of financial self-reliance and control.

​Dominating Your Niche: Identify the nuances in your industry and tailor your plan around them to rise quickly and deliver a knockout blow to your competition.
​​Hurdle Barriers To Entry: Hurdle any and all barriers to entry that would hold your business back and prevent expansion and market domination by you and your firm.​
​Maximize Economic Expansions: MAKE THE ABSOLUTE MOST of a thriving economy instead of sitting by idly and watching others make out like bandits.​
​Become Recession Proof: Aggressively acquire marketshare during recessions while your competition is desperately treading water trying to survive.

Maximize Your Upside: Tap into the MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL that comes with risk while simultaneously protecting yourself from the downside.​
​Shield Yourself From Systematic And Unsystematic Risk: Become the first in your industry to fully comprehend all types of risk and have ready to go action plans in place.​
​Analyze Your Opportunity Cost: Rank the many opportunities in front of you and execute violently wasting no time overthinking and letting victory slide away.
​​Fortify Your Corporate Structure: Build a structure that fills in its own cracks as it grows so that problems don’t scale up with you and you business.

Communicate REAL Value: Kill your faulty communication habits and instead leverage your skills to start getting exactly what you want in all situations.​
​Anchor Your Value High: Anchor your value high and get pulled towards your destiny and avoid the frustration that comes with making slow, menial progress.​
Cultivate Relationship Value: Start networking effectively by building genuine connections and creating lifelong allies to that will help multiply your net worth.​
​Create Massive Consumer Surplus: Convert your intangible value into mountains of consumer surplus and become absolutely irresistible to your prospects and clients.

Manage Your Frame: Stop leaving unanswered questions in your prospect’s mind and instead ingrain a crystal clear image of exactly what you and your brand stand for.​
​Establish Unbreakable Positioning: Conquer your own space in the market instead of being a helpless victim to the ruthless forces of the business environment.​
​Dive Deep Into Human Emotions: Develop a deep cognizance of what makes us tick and develop a better solution for your prospect’s problems that satisfies all their needs.​
​Skyrocket Your Sales: Better communicate the oodles of consumer surplus you are already providing to your prospect and add jet fuel to your sales cycle.

Polish Your External Communication: Craft win/win opportunities that potential allies and mentors wouldn’t think of walking away from.​
​Start From A Position Of Power: Walk into the negotiation knowing your BATNA and the exact steps you need to take to get to a winning solution.​
​Negotiate Like A Grizzled Pro: Cut years off your learning curve, eliminate beginner mistakes, and negotiate like you have decades of experience!​
Grow The Pie: Craft value-packed offers and frame them properly so your prospect easily sees you as an avalanche of value heading right for them.

Create Airtight Financial Accounting Processes: Proactively create systems to manage cashflow and ensure all expenses are covered in the short term to scale efficiently.​
Diagnose Problems Early On: Find problems in your company like an experienced doctor finds disease and remove them conclusively to prevent snowballing.​
​Master Your Balance Sheet: Be able to assess your company’s financial health in a matter of minutes to eliminate all doubt and anxiety you may have.
​​Leverage Intelligently: Never again take out a toxic lean that leaves you at the mercy of a creditor that inevitably stunts all your exciting and lucrative projects.

​Become The Leader Your Team Needs: Learn how to build a team of effective executors who work together seamlessly.​
​Elicit Massive Buy-In: Create a team that holds itself accountable and works around the clock to make your vision a reality.
​​Attract And Retain Top Talent: Attract the best possible talent and train them to chase down your common goals with relentless efficiency and a positive attitude.​
​Build Strategic Alliances: Attract the key players in your industry to help you build bulletproof alliances and fortify your position at the top of your market for decades to come!


  • Achieve the INCOME YOU DESERVE by increasing your value, communicating it more effectively, and wiping away any bad habits that are currently turning off potential prospects, business partners, mentors and allies.
  • ​​Make the best moves in your professional life by “filling in” your mental blindspots and bouncing ideas off an elite mastermind network.
  • Scale your business using a custom-tailored, step-by-step road map that we will devise specifically for you and your business to ensure it has longevity and you can rely upon it to generate income for decades to come.
  • Cut years off of your learning curve and never again miss out on an incredible business opportunity because you failed to negotiate a deal which allows everyone involved to WIN TOGETHER.
  • Build rock-solid systems that will allow your business success to accumulate steady momentum. Leverage these systems to solve major problems on autopilot, build a team that shares your vision, and eliminate risk PROACTIVELY so you rise up higher and higher.

12 Weekly Comprehensive & Topic-Specific
Video Content Modules

These lessons are where I take THREE DECADES of experience out of my brain and upload it into yours. During these lessons you will get a complete understanding of the steps you need to take to build that cash-flow-generating business you have your mind set on.

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