Macro Compass – Monetary Mechanics Course

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Macro Compass – Monetary Mechanics Course

Macro Compass – Monetary Mechanics Course

About Course

Lesson 1: ”Liquidity”, The First Tier of Money

  • You must have heard the word” liquidity” thousands of time: but what is it?
    In these two lessons we analyse Central Bank balance sheets, define liquidity, who prints it, how does it work, and its impact on markets and the economy!

Lesson 2: ”Real-Economy Money”, The Second Tier of Money

  • Money printing generates inflation, right? Yes – but who prints inflationary, real-economy money?
    Lesson 2 will walk you through the process of real-economy money printing: who prints it, how, and what are the macro consequences and market impact of different forms of inflationary money printing.

Lesson 3: “Monetary Plumbing”

  • You know all these monetary plumbing operations you often hear about without never fully understanding their mechanics? Reverse Repo, Treasury General Account, Bank Term Funding Program?
  • This ends today with lesson 3, where we proceed with a deep dive into all monetary plumbing operations so that you never have to scratch your head again when you hear them.

Course Recap

  • A quick recap where Alf summarizes the most important concepts you learnt in the TMC Monetary Mechanics Course.