Kylie and Bruno Bertucci – Demonstrator Training Program 2021-2022

Training for Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrators

Learn from Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrators from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. There isn’t one way to run a Stampin’ Up!® business and by learning from others you will be able to shape the type of business you want to establish or take to the next level.

For many it is challenging to know where to start with certain skills that we need when building a Stampin’ Up!® business.

These talks are going to help you understand where you need to apply new skills, where you need to learn and develop more and give you direction.

This training has content for both demonstrators just starting with their Stampin’ Up!® business and those that have been business building for some time.

Your Instructor

Kylie and Bruno Bertucci

We are so excited to be sharing our experience with others to help them reach the goals they have always wanted to attain.

Our training is from the heart and real. We know the struggles that we face when trying to reach those goals with Stampin’ Up!® over a number of years and feeling like you are getting no where fast.

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