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Let me show you how I bring in 5 figures into my

account with Affiliate Marketing, Emails and


Then, I decided to tap into ™Pinterest and grew

my views to 5 figures in 60 days with by simply

posting images like these…

IMAGINE having a Monthly Backdoor Access

Pass to the HIGHEST Converting Offers

Online…AND Millions of Women BUYERS with

all free Views to your online business (Etsy,

Teachers Pay Teachers, Online Store, Jewelry

Store, Shopify Store, Amazon Blog, Your Own

Personal Blog) that you

can immediately implement into your own


Yes, that site is Pinterest…my new BFF.

Course Curriculum

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    Hi there and Welcome from Kristie Chiles!

DAYS 1 – 7
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    Day 1 – Sign Up With Pinterest

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    Day 2 – Choose a Topic That WOWS You!

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    Day 3 – Quick and Easy Juicy Keywords Research You Can Do In Minutes That Will Have You Turning Cartwheels!

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    Day 4 – Upload A Colorful Profile Picture – That’s It!

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    Day 5 – Let’s Make Your About Me Section Pinterest-Search-Engine Juicy!

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    Day 6 – Create Your First Board using Amazing, Delicious Keywords

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    Day 7 – Let’s Do A Quick Review Before We Begin Pinning Like C-R-A-Z-Y CAKES!

DAYS 8 – 14
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    Day 8 – Let This Amazing APP Automate Our Pins Like CRAZY While We Live Life!

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    Day 9 – Let’s Schedule Some Pins With This! Here We Go!

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    Day 10 – Results Begin To Come In From Just A Month Ago…Now You Pin 20 Pins A Day!

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    Day 11 – One Step Further…Other Related Pins, Suggested Pins By Tailwind – Go for it!

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    Day 12 – If You Upload Images Straight From Your Computer, You Will See These as DRAFTS

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    Day 13 – How To Delete A Pin From Your Queue

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    Day 14 – How To Address Failed Pins? Just Select A New Board(s)

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    Free Image to PIN! Plus, Video Training on Affiliate Program to MATCH It!

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    FAQS and YOU